Istanbul Bicycle Workshop Brings Bicycle Lovers Together

istanbul cycling calista brought bicycle lovers together
istanbul cycling calista brought bicycle lovers together

“Bicycle Workshop” organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality brought together sector representatives, academicians, bicycle associations, tour groups and students from many provinces. Under the titles “Istanbul Bicycle Master Plan” and “Bicycle Paths Design Guide”; In the event where problems and suggestions about the urban public transportation system, integrated bicycle network and infrastructures were discussed, the goals determined in the regulation and development of the bicycle road network in Istanbul were shared with the participants.

Bicycle Will Be An Alternative Transportation Tool

In the Bicycle Workshop organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, barriers to the spread of bicycle culture and the problems of cyclists were discussed. Speaking at the opening event of the event held at IMM Zeytinburnu Social Facilities, İBB Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan pointed out that they have created a unit that works exclusively on bicycles under the name of "Bicycle Chief", and pointed out that the way to overcome transportation problems is through pedestrian-bicycle-mass transportation. Cihan added that IMM is handling transportation as a whole and projecting investment decisions in this direction.

Speaking at the workshop IBB Presidency Coordinator Ali Haydar Heroes, bike to be seen as a hobby and sporting activity drew attention to the contrast agent used in Turkey to protect the environment and transport in the world. Kahraman underlined that there are 168 km of bicycle roads in Istanbul, but the usage bases of these roads are around 3 kilometers.

Smart Bicycle Network “ISBIKE” to Istanbul

The ISBIKE "Smart Bicycle Sharing System", established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organization İSPARK on İBB bicycle routes across the city, was shared with the participants. In his presentation, İSPARK Smart Bicycle Operations Chief Ahmet Savaş gave information about “Shared Bicycle” (İSBİKE) and cited the activities related to the historical development process and business policies of bicycle sharing systems worldwide. Environment, health, transportation, etc. of the mentioned systems by cities in the world. Stating that they are being carried out as projects that are not profit-based within the framework of socially-oriented programs with the objectives, Savaş said, “İSBİKE“ Bicycle Sharing System ”, which was launched as a pilot project with 2013 stops and 10 bicycles on Bostancı - Kartal coastal road in 100, Florya - Yeşilköy on the European side between 2015 and 2018. With the inclusion of the coastal zone, it continued to serve with 19 stations and 200 bicycles. In 2017, it was decided to establish a bicycle sharing system with a capacity of 300 stops and 3000 bicycles in Istanbul in the first place, as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality evaluated the bike as a sub-type of transportation and integrated it into the public transportation system. In line with this goal, 2018 stops and 145 bicycles were installed and put into service in 1500 ”.

Emphasizing that approximately 2018 million smart bikes were rented between June 2019 and December 1,4, Savaş said, “By the end of 2020, the system is planned to reach 300 stops and 3000 bicycles. We will continue planning activities with the Bicycle Chief operating under the Transportation Planning Directorate in the regions where the new installation will be made. ”

Bicycle Transportation Will Be Solved With Common Mind

The academicians, experts in the field, architects and city planners, bicycle association representatives, tour organizers, company representatives and students; They shared their knowledge, experience and projects with the participants on “Physical Problems on Bicycle Roads”, “Application Problems of Bicycle Road Projects”, “Bicycle Culture”, “Shared Bicycle Roads”, “Sharing Systems”, “Bicycle Parking Elements and Location Choices”.

Following the presentations, the “Bicycle Workshop”, where the opinions and suggestions of the participants are received in the question-answer sections, is expected to create a new road map for the creation of new projects and investments.

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