İntek Formwork and Scaffolding Became the Solution Partner of Tanzania Railway Project

intek formwork and pier became the solution partner of tanzania railway project
intek formwork and pier became the solution partner of tanzania railway project

İntek Kalıp ve İskele became the solution partner of the Darussalam - Morogoro and Morogoro - Dodoma - Makutupora Railway project in Tanzania, the first high speed train line in East Africa.

The Darussalam - Morogoro and Morogoro - Dodoma - Makutupora Railway project, which is of great importance in terms of being the port city of Dar es Salaam, will contribute to the trade and tourism of Tanzania, as well as Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. will connect East Africa to the Indian Ocean. In this way, it will enable African countries that do not have a coast to export their rich underground resources abroad.

The aim of the project is to connect the cities of Dar es Salaam - Mwanza to each other by a SGR (Standard Gauge Railway) standard, where the distance between the two rails accepted by the world standards is 1435 mm. When this line is completed, it will be 1219 km. Currently, an existing line with the old MGR standard and rail opening 1000 mm is used, and the new line is being built in parallel with the old existing error. At the intersection of the lines, special designs are made both in line displacement and in mold project works in order to prevent train traffic on the old line during the construction of the new line.

The Tanzanian government will invest between Dar es Salaam - Makutupora at the first stage, and Makutupora - Mwanza will be opened for tender later.

The entire infrastructure of the railway, including electrification and signalization, is under the disposal of Yapı Merkezi, including the design of the Darüsselam - Makutupora line, with a total length of 541 km. Yapı Merkezi provided all the formwork and scaffolding needs of the project from İntek Kalıp ve İskele.

The Darussalam - Morogoro part of the line is called Lot 1, and the Morogoro - Dodoma - Makutupora part is called Lot 2. The length of the Lot 1 part is 205 km, and the length of the Lot 2 part is 336 km. Within the scope of the railway project with a design speed of 160 km / h, 154 pieces of 4.651 m long bridges, 4 pieces of 2.622 m long tunnels, 42 pieces of 591 m long animal crossings, 68 pieces of 1.701 m long underpasses and overpasses, 1100 pieces of 31.800 m culverts, 14 There are two stations and 2 maintenance workshops.

The line will also pass the new capital, Dodoma, and connect Dar es Salaam and Makutupora. This part, which will provide safe and reliable transportation between Dodoma and Dar es Salaam, will also strengthen the vision of turning Dodoma into a modern capital.


The art structures in the project spread over a wide area and they have structural differences brought about by the geography. For this reason, while determining the mold stock to be given, different mold systems that will provide maximum benefit according to the usage place have been selected and field applications continue successfully. INTEVA wooden beam curtain-column formwork system was used for foundation formworks and mainly curtain formworks, and PANEMAX steel-frame wide-surface panel formwork system was used in areas where the geometry of the buildings changed and height adjustments were required. HD 150 load bearing scaffolding system was used as the floor formwork in the head beams and viaduct formworks. In the viaduct passing through the city center, traffic passage has not been stopped in the designated region, and the big opening required to achieve this has been achieved by using the MULTİTEK system.

Apart from standard systems, special formwork systems were also worked for the overall project. The most important of these is the suspended scaffolding, which is constructed by the Building Center to pour the reinforced concrete floor on the steel bridge. NPU 200 profiles were fixed on the steel bridge and the floor formwork design was designed by considering the steel truss spacing of the bridge. Special steel construction stands have been designed by INTEK for the sections between the steel ridge of the pier built on the floor beam formwork and the angled part on both sides of the head beam. For these regions, which are recommended to be made as wooden fillers in the field in standard applications, a special design has been made and applied successfully in the field due to the difficult material supply in Tanzania.

İntek Formwork and Scaffolding Amounts Used in the Project:
Culvert and Animal Crossings Laying Pattern: HD 150: A = 3240 m2 - H = 360 - 890 cm - t = 65 - 125 cm
Head Beam Floor Pattern: HD 150: A = 255 m2 - H = 450 - 620 cm) 12 sets
Msimbazi Viaduct Floor Formwork: HD 150 - MULTİTEK: A = 1460 m2 - H = 722 - 888 cm - t = 30-180-210-360
Steel Bridge Suspended Floor Formwork: A = 1078 m2 - t = 20-38,3 cm
Culvert and Animal Passage Curtain Pattern PANEMAX: 1120 m2 - H = 360 - 690 cm
Grill curtain formwork INTEVA: A = 753 m2 - H = 300 cm
Edge Foot Curtain Formwork INTEVA: A = 950 m2 - H = 400 - 510 - 658 - 858 cm
Edge Foot Foundation Mold INTEVA: A = 287.5 m2 - H = 190 - 250 cm
Middle Foot Column Formwork SCS: 8 sets
Msimbazi Viaduct Curtain Formwork INTEVA: A = 266 m2 - H = 132 cm
Scaffolding INTESAFE: A = 5300 m2 - H = 1400 cm
Stair Tower HD 150: 5 sets H = 750 - 2000 cm

Project Name: Dar es Salaam - Morogoro - Dodoma - Makutupora Railway
Investor: Tanzania Railways Corporation
Main Contractor: Yapı Merkezi
Location: Tanzania

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