IETT Celebrates Anniversaries of Tunnel and Nostalgic Tram Together

historic karakoy tunnel to celebrate nanotalgic tram age of beyoglu
historic karakoy tunnel to celebrate nanotalgic tram age of beyoglu

Historical Karaköy Tunnel, which is the second subway of the world, will celebrate its 145th year and Nostalgic Tram, the symbol of Beyoğlu, will celebrate its 106th year. This year IETT celebrates the anniversaries of Tunnel and Nostalgic Tram together.

A celebration event will be held in Beyoğlu Tünel Square on Tuesday, February 11. In the ceremony, a heart-shaped pillow with the Nostalgic Tram symbol will be distributed with the treatments of salep and cotton candy. In addition, İBB Handicapped Music Center will give a mini concert.

Program Flow

10.00 - Photograph exhibition on Tunnel history at Karaköy Tunnel Entrance,

10.20 - Speeches in Tunnel Square indicating the meaning and importance of the day

10.30- Serving hot salep and cotton candy to the public in the Tunnel Square,

Mini concert from İBB Handicapped Music Center

10.40:XNUMX - Nostalgic Tram and İstiklal Street tour and closing


Electric trams, which were put into operation in 1871 after the horse trams (1914), which are considered the milestones of public transportation in Istanbul, served for 50 years on both sides of the city. In the early 1960s, it was replaced by trolleybuses. The tram started again on the Tünel-Taksim line in 1990 as an expression of longing for the past. This situation delighted Istanbulites, but especially their old passengers. Nostalgic tram soon became the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. This interest brought the Nostalgic Tram to the top of the list of the most photographed objects in the world. Nostalgic Tram served approximately 380 thousand passengers last year.


The Tunnel, which connects Galata and Pera with its former name, Karaköy and Beyoğlu with its current name, is accepted as the world's first underground funicular system. With this system, two wagons moving across the tunnel are changing lines in the middle. The tunnel, which was named with various names such as "Istanbul Tunnel", "Galata-Pera Tunnel", "Galata Tunnel", "Galata-Pera Underground Train", "Istanbul City Train", "Underground Elevator", "Tahtelarz" flour has given shoulder to 146 years of transportation. Historic Tunnel, which is the second oldest subway in the world and connects Karaköy and Beyoğlu in the shortest way, has been serving since 1875. The tunnel carried nearly 5 million passengers last year.

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