Why should Haydarpaşa Station remain as a Train Station?

Why should Haydarpasa remain as a train station?
Why should Haydarpasa remain as a train station?

Why should Haydarpaşa Station remain as a station, not a hotel, museum, shopping mall or anything else? We insist on this request. Our insistence stems from the fact that Haydarpaşa Train Station is not a venue. Moreover, it is due to Gar's use value.

News of Özge Güneş from BirGün; “Let's recall briefly: the opening of Haydarpaşa Terminal is held in 1908. It was damaged by the fire in 1917, and the second time with the tanker explosion in 1979. Finally, in 2010, it is the third time it has been damaged and the biggest damage ever. This is the biggest damage because it brings with it the attempt to privatize and deactivate Gar. Due to the high-speed train project, main train services are stopped in 2012 and suburban flights are completely stopped in 2013. Expeditions are stopped, but the Gar maintains its important place in our lives.

Haydarpaşa Station only Kadıköy or Not To Istanbul Turkey for all historical, cultural and sociological sense of a special use in space from extant. For this reason, we understand its value better by being closed to use. Gar has been the place of memories, labor and narration in many books, movies or other places. I write -Mis, -mis, but of course it does not mean that everything about Haydarpasa Terminal is a thing of the past. Although it seems quiet today, Haydarpaşa Station is still in use as a place of resistance. The location of a resistance against the devaluation of urban use, memory, labor and experiences. I think we owe this to Haydarpaşa Solidarity first. Wanted to be usurped by antidemocratic practices such as solidarity, bag laws and privatizations.

He makes Haydarpaşa Train Station alive by making it a symbol of a democratic struggle for rights and solidarity.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity was established against privatization in 2005 and started weekly market watches in 2012. He completed his 421th year with 8 attacks that took place yesterday.

It is stated that it is the longest running seizure that occurred after Saturday Mothers' sitting action in front of Galatasaray High School. For the urban struggle, if I am not mistaken, it is the longest duty.

Why did it take so long if you say this seizure, as I said at the beginning of the article, I say because of Gar's use value. This is the workplace of the railway workers, they make their living here. Therefore, families are in resistance. Those who migrate to Istanbul or tourists enter the city and encounter the sea; This is where the well-known trains such as the Eastern Express, the Fatih Express, the Başkent Express and the Kurtalan Express depart. KadıköyIt is a place where people use their schools and jobs. It is a place that includes architectural, archaeological elements as well as economic, social, sociological and cultural elements.

These values ​​have been tried to be forgotten by leaving the space out of use for years. This is actually a characteristic of the neoliberal urban transformation model: It is purified from space function and its original function is forgotten, and it is removed from being a part of daily life. As such, it can be easier to change hands, to privatize and to break with their social meanings. Therefore, it is desired to be turned into a 'plot' that the citizen has not been able to communicate for years and does not mean anything in terms of the above values.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity's insistence on the watch creates a resistance against this forgetting, planning against public utility and use, and the fragmentation of the space for these purposes. It ensures that the place is kept on the agenda with all its features, and that it is protected as a living space with a sharp demand.
With the belief that neither the hotel, the museum, the shopping mall, nor anything else will turn into a place where suburban flights will end with their old stations.

“The smell of fish in the sea
Comes with bedbugs in floorings
Spring at Haydarpaşa station. ”
As he said, Nazım Hikmet, as the sea smells of fish, as spring brings bedbugs, Haydarpaşa is so Gar and Gar will remain.


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