Güzelyalı 19/1 Street Road Opened to Traffic

guzelyali street road opened to traffic
guzelyali street road opened to traffic

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate completed the works on Güzelyalı 19/1 Street, which connects Mithatpaşa Street to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, and opened the road to traffic. Residents of the region are happy with the work and the early completion.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate removed the steel gratings on the road where the Polygon Stream meets the sea on the grounds that it creates a traffic hazard and causes noise pollution. Within the scope of the culvert renovation work, steel gratings on Güzelyalı Mahallesi 19/1 Sokak (exit to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard via Mithatpaşa Street) were dismantled. Stating that the screws connecting the steel gratings to the side walls of the stream cause noise during the passage of heavy tonnage vehicles, İZSU officials stated that both the noise and possible risks were prevented with the lifting of the grates.

Citizens are satisfied

İZSU teams laid concrete covers on the 95-meter route. After completing the asphalting works of the Department of Science Affairs, the road was opened to vehicle traffic. The renovation works, which are planned to be completed in two months, were completed in as little as 21 days.

Citizens living in the region are satisfied with the project. Fuat Karadeniz, who has been living in Güzelyalı for 21 years, said, “In the past, we were making a lot of noise due to steel gratings. There were also many complaints from our neighbors sitting in the buildings. The work now is really good. We thank İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for its services. ” Ayşegül Taşbaş, one of the residents of the region, said, “I am at İşyerim Güzelyalı and I use this route constantly. It was impossible for me to go through heels. Also, the noise was eliminated. It was a very good work. ”He expressed his satisfaction. Zeren Çelebioğlu, who works in Güzelyalı, evaluated the works as follows: “We have been here for a year in Güzelyalı, our office. We were having a hard time crossing the pedestrian road on the grid-shaped road. We had some difficulties while passing our pets. At a few points, there were only places we could pass. There were those who even dropped their stuff into the grill. We are very happy that this road has been arranged. Our old troubles have disappeared ”.

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