South African Free State State Delegation Visited BTSO

south africa free state state delegation visited btso
south africa free state state delegation visited btso

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) hosted Makalo Petrus Mohale, Minister of Economy, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs of the State of South Africa. "We aim to implement BTSO's technology and innovation-oriented investments in our country," Minister Mohale said.

BTSO Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Murat Bayizit met with the President of the Tourism Council Sibel Cura Olcuoglu and the President of the Design Council Omer Kocakisit, Minister Makalo Petrus Mohale and the accompanying delegation. Murat Bayizit shared detailed information about the economy of Bursa and the works carried out by BTSO during the visit.


the country's foreign trade in Bursa meet alone, 10 percent of Turkey's exports, production and employment and identity is a separate power-fold expressing Murat Bayizit, "Bursa machinery, automotive, textile, in strategic sectors including chemicals also continue to increase day by producing ability of the day It is. Our city plays an important role in narrowing the shear in our country's foreign trade deficit. Our Chamber, which has a history of 130 years, is undertaking projects leading the new generation of industrial transformation of our city. Expressing that there is an export of nearly 20 million dollars from Bursa to South Africa, Bayizit added that approximately 150 Bursa companies are also trading with South Africa.


Minister Mohale said that they were on a study trip in Bursa in order to increase the technology and innovation projects in his country. Bursa is Turkey's most important high-tech and innovation-oriented manufacturing an array because it is one of the centers visited were realized they save Mohale, he said Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber, conducted by technology affected oriented projects. Mohale stated that BTSO will attempt to implement the projects carried out in its country. Mohale said, “We want to establish new cooperation networks with Bursa. We have received detailed information about BTSO's investments in innovation and technology. We will also take steps to make such investments in our country. ”

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