ESHOT Will Supply All Electricity Requirement From the Sun

eshot will supply all electricity needs from the sun
eshot will supply all electricity needs from the sun

ESHOT, which commissioned the first solar power plant two and a half years ago, is building three more. With the commissioning of new facilities, ESHOT will meet all of its electricity needs from solar panels.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate is building three new solar power plants (GES). ESHOT, which is preparing to realize the second phase of the GES in Gediz Workshop, will also install photovoltaic panels that produce electricity from solar energy on the roofs of Buca Adatepe and Çiğli Ataşehir facilities.

It is planned to commission the second phase of the 924 kilowatt Ataşehir GES in 2022, the second phase of the 1750 kilowatt Gediz GES in 2023, and the 1000 kilowatt Buca Adatepe GES in 2024. In the first phase of the project, ESHOT installed 835 kilowatt solar panels on the roofs of the Gediz Workshop nearly two and a half years ago.

With the commissioning of all three SPPs, ESHOT will reach a total installed power of 4,5 megawatt (4500 kilowatt). Thus, all the 6 million 250 thousand kilowatt-hours of electrical energy consumed by all ESHOT plants each year will be covered by the sun.

At least 5 million TL savings per year

The cost of the energy bill ESHOT pays at current electricity prices reaches 5 million TL. Thanks to the solar power plants to be established after the investment costs are repaid, ESHOT will have made a saving of at least 5 million TL. Since it will cover its own electricity from the sun, it will not be affected by the increases in electricity price in the future.

Planning to buy 20 more electric buses this year, ESHOT still provides 20 percent of all electricity needs from the sun, as well as the charging of 18 existing electric buses.

Solar energy to the stops

The number of solar powered stops from ESHOT 65 will also increase to 2020 within the scope of the ESHOT 250 Strategic Plan. In addition to lighting, the audio and video warning and announcement systems at the stops will also work with the sun in the new period.

ESHOT will revive the closed stall model in 2020. 10 square meters of nostalgic closed stops to be built in the busiest places of the city will also work with solar energy. In these stops, which can be heated and cooled according to the season, the sun will also be used for lighting elements and information displays.

In addition to the mini book corner, there will be promotional screens at the stops. The life stories of the people who have made İzmir's assets in fields such as culture, art and sports and kazanThey will also be introduced visually and audibly on these screens.

Benefits of 15 thousand 850 trees in a year

835 kilowatt solar power plant (GES), which was installed on the roofs of ESHOT General Directorate Gediz Heavy Maintenance Facilities, Bodies and Auxiliary Facilities, was commissioned in August 2017. Established on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters and consisting of 3 panels, the power plant produced approximately 692 million kilowatt hours of electrical energy. The facility prevents 3 tons of carbon dioxide emission equal to the amount to be filtered by 15 thousand 850 trees each year with solar energy.

How many solar powered stops will be made to which district?
Aliaga 14
Balcova 3
Flourishing 17
Bayraklı 7
Pergamon 9
Bornova 21
Hole 31
Cigli 10
Foca 5
Gaziemir 3
Guzelbahce 6
Garabaglar 9
Karşıyaka 7
Kemalpasa 8
Cherry 1
Mansion 6
Meander 31
Menemen 4
Narlidere 2
Odemis 2
Seferihisar 19
Dash 4
Bagged 26
Urla 5
Total 250

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