Erciyes Met With Investors at Tourism Investment Forum

erciyes tourism investment met with investors in the forum
erciyes tourism investment met with investors in the forum

In the Tourism Investment Forum organized by TTYD in Istanbul, the rich tourism potential of Erciyes and the region were explained and the investors were invited to Erciyes.

Tourism Investors Association of Turkey (TTYD) and by the Office of the Presidential Investment organized with the support of "Tourism Investors Forum" was held in Istanbul with the participation of national and international tourism investors. Many panels and presentations took place in the Forum, which was opened by the Minister of Tourism Mehmet Ersoy.

In the Tourism Investment Forum, where hundreds of tourism professionals come together, new tourism investment trends, brands, mega projects, tips for 2030 investors, new trends in the hospitality industry, health tourism and opportunities, new trends in hotel design, the impact of arts, culture and museums on tourism investments It was discussed.

Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş Management Profitable. Dir. Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı made a broad presentation about Erciyes to more than 400 local, foreign hotel and tourism investors, international chains and brands managers and financial institutions. He emphasized that Mount Erciyes has great potential for investment.

Cıngı, “Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. In this forum, we once again had the opportunity to explain Erciyes to the leading tourism professionals of the industry. We had very useful meetings. We made contacts with hotel investors. To them that Erciyes has become the most important winter tourism destination in our country; Explaining that tens of thousands of foreigners came only to Erciyes for skiing with charter planes from abroad, we talked about the economy and mutual benefit relationship created by investments in Mount Erciyes. On this occasion, we have stated that the tourism diversity of both Erciyes and Kayseri and our region have great potential. As it is known, Erciyes Ski Center has become a known brand in the world. Provided services and facilities of the Mount Erciyes from the international center position, Turkey's every week during the winter season next lover local ski from around the direct charter flights to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, tourists from Poland and the world's various countries busy welcomes the way. Now, our hotels in Erciyes are insufficient to meet the demands of our guests. Our city hotels also host almost 80-85 percent skier guests in winter. With the high altitude camp center, which will be realized with the investments of our Metropolitan Municipality, investors will be able to benefit from Erciyes tourism for 12 months. For this reason, we try to attract especially hotel investors to Erciyes. "The investment forum organized by TTYD, which is one of the most mubeter tourism institutions of our country and which our company is a member of, was very productive in terms of sharing these facts with big investors."

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