Certificate of Appreciation to the Golden Hearted EGO Bus Drivers

certificate of appreciation for ego bus drivers
certificate of appreciation for ego bus drivers

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş hosted the bus drivers in his office and presented them with a Certificate of Appreciation for their exemplary behavior.

EGO bus driver Hacı Ali Çiğdem, who works on the Sıhhiye-Ulus line, and Mustafa Tekin, who is on the Siteler-Kızılay-Ulus line, delivered the bags they found during their duties to their owners.

EGO driver Hacı Ali Çiğdem realized that a women's bag was forgotten on the bus during his mission. When he saw that there was a large amount of money and jewelery in the bag, he immediately reported the situation to Akdere Police Station.

It was determined that there were 33.000 Turkish Liras, jewelery and personal belongings in the bag examined by the police. After the minutes were kept here, the items were delivered to the owner safely and completely.

A similar incident happened to Mustafa Tekin, the EGO bus driver working on the Siteler-Kızılay-Ulus line. Tekin found a computer bag on the bus he was on duty. He saw 50.000 Iraqi Dinars and one tablet in the bag he found.

In the meantime, the person who realized that his bag was missing at the airport and learned that he was from Iraq came back to the bus departure point. After the minutes, the bag was delivered to its owner. As tourists by thanking our chauffeur and officials learned that the Iraqi citizens came to Turkey, "I used to love Turkey, I love it more now" he revealed.

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş wanted to meet the duty drivers after this situation. EGO bus drivers hosted Hacı Ali Çiğdem and Mustafa Tekin in his office. Alkaş said, “Our friends who do their jobs properly must be rewarded. This kind of behavior has become a kind of behavior we miss. I congratulate you and thank you for the exemplary behavior you have shown during your mission. ” Then he presented them a "Certificate of Appreciation".

Both EGO drivers stated that they were very excited and happy for being hosted by the General Manager and thanked Alkaş.

EGO drivers Hacı Ali Çiğdem and Mustafa Tekin thanked Mustafa Geyikçi, Head of the Bus Management Department, Erkan Tarhan, Branch Manager of the 1st Region Bus Management, and Arslan Arslan, Branch Manager of the 3rd Region Bus Management.

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