Great Istanbul Bus Station Won the Likes of Both Tradesmen and Citizens

big istanbul otogari won the likes of both tradesmen and citizens
big istanbul otogari won the likes of both tradesmen and citizens

The new version of the Greater Istanbul Bus Terminal, which was taken over by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, gained the appreciation of both tradesmen and citizens. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, after taking over the bus station, implemented the 'central payment system' and relieved the traffic generated by entrances and exits. The 'bus station toilets' to which everyone complained started to be renewed under the control of Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ.

With the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly, whose contract expired on May 5, 2019; The operation of the Istanbul Bus Terminal in Bayrampaşa, whose car parks were transferred to İSPARK, was transferred to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on September 9th. The bus station, which has always been mentioned with negativities, made both citizens and tradesmen smile with the new IMM administration. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu, visited the bus station twice after June 23, the lower floors of which turned into the living spaces of alcoholics and drug addicts, and which is known for murder, rape and suicide cases. During his last visit on July 18, İmamoğlu said, “My child does not enter such a place, my wife does not. How will I send the children and children of Istanbulites here?” he lit the flare of the new era. Repair and cleaning works were carried out without wasting time with the instruction of İmamoğlu; The bus station has been made worthy of Istanbul.


İBB has put out the tender for the operation of the bus station it owns. Tender held under the chairmanship of Secretary General Yavuz Erkut; It was held before the press with the “open offer” method. In the tender, which continued with the auction, Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ gained the right to operate the commercial areas of the bus station with an annual price of 27 million liras for 3 years.


After the bus station parking lots were transferred to İSPARK on August 8, the cabins belonging to the old management Eurasia Terminal Operations AŞ were dismantled and replaced by more modern ones belonging to İSPARK. Lighting and security problems were resolved by starting cleaning works in the parking lot areas immediately. The places that are afraid to enter even in the eyes of the day have been given a modern and reliable appearance with the devoted efforts of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams. At the bus station, while buses were parked on the roadsides, 150 buses will be able to park at the same time when the ongoing parking is completed.


The operation of seven toilets at the bus station, which is used by approximately 45 thousand people every day, has been carried out by private companies until now. The toilets, which are not clean enough although they are paid, and where both passengers and tradesmen complain, are no longer a problem. Within the scope of the City Toilets Project, the operation of the toilets of the bus station was started by Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ. A reduction was made in the price of the toilets, where the necessary improvements continued. For the toilet at 1 points that can be used with Istanbulkart for 7 TL, 3 personnel provide cleaning services with 35 shift working system. Victimization while renovation work continues
'mobile toilets' also provide service in order not to be experienced.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality immediately rolled up its sleeves to relieve the traffic at the entrances and exits after taking over the bus station. Long queues due to the card payment system; It ended with the implementation of the 'Central Payment System'. The cameras placed at the entrances and exits provided great convenience in payment by detecting the plates. Approximately 40 percent discount was made in the fee charged for the entrance and exit of buses to the bus terminal. The entrance and exit fee, which was 130 TL previously, was reduced to 80 TL with the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The first half of the buses on the platform was free of charge for the first half hour of the private vehicles coming to the bus station to leave passengers.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which makes its presence in the bus station every day, demolished 213 units in order to prevent misuse in the lower floors of the bus terminal. Buildings destroyed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Police were later cleaned. Equipped with security cameras, the basement was also illuminated and made more reliable. While the cleaning works at the bus station are maintained by 150 İSTAÇ AŞ staff with 12 vehicles, the security at the bus station is provided by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Security Directorate and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Police. A project work was prepared to regulate the traffic circulation in the open parking lot of the Grand Istanbul Bus Terminal and sent to the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department for its manufacture. The parking lot capacity was increased by 50 percent with the project.

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