BTS Member Protested in Front of Exile TCDD Headquarters

bts member exile tcdd general directorate was protested to him
bts member exile tcdd general directorate was protested to him

Unal Karadağ, who is a member of United Transport Employees Union and who works as Deputy Director at TCDD 3rd District Directorate Izmir Traffic and Station Management Service Directorate, was pressed by the union in front of the TCDD General Directorate.

The press statement read by BTS President Hasan Bektaş is as follows;

Our railways, which were established to provide transportation services in our country 164 years ago, have brought civilization wherever they went while providing transportation services. Villages, towns and cities were formed around the stations and stations, and with the declaration of the Republic, they played an important role in the development of our country. In short; As Gazi Mustafa Kemal said, “The Prosperity and Umran Revolve Railways.”

Unfortunately, this valuable institution has entered the decline process in 1950s, and since the beginning of the 2000s, with the AKP government, it has been commemorated with unconditional appointments, political cadres, and exiles in recent days, in addition to the accidents that started and continued with an accelerated train accident. .

In the last 164 years of its 20-year history, especially with the regulations that caused the disintegration of the TCDD under the name of liberalization, the management approach, which was distorted in a way that it did not deserve, caused damage to the business peace especially with the recent applications.

Today, we are faced with one of the discriminatory, arbitrary, uncompromising and staffing steps of the TCDD bureaucrats who follow the instructions of the AKP government and Memur-Sen.

Ünal Karadağ, who is a member of our union and works as an Assistant Manager at the Izmir TCDD 3rd Region Directorate, Traffic and Station Management Service Directorate, was exiled to Malatya under the name of the so-called rotation.

It is clear that this exile has intimidated our Union before our member, Ünal Karadağ.

Everyone should know very well that the exile decision of Ünal Karadağ was taken in the rooms where Memur-Sen marketed the workers in the social contracts.

It is more than unfair to just "exile a hardworking person who has no excuse other than being unionized," as well as his family, who has been presided over by the temporary duty because it has not been eligible for public and does not meet the conditions of appointment.

We especially in the last process; The personnel policy implemented by the TCDD Traffic and Station Management Department, in particular,

The wrongfulness of unassigned assignments on railways,

TCDD's division into two as infrastructure and train management,

The real causes of Çorlu and Marşandiz train accidents,

The withdrawal of immovable properties belonging to the railways,

End applications that threaten Occupational Health and Safety,

And we shared our opinions and evaluations on many issues with the press and the public together with the officials of the institution.

Today, the railways, which are accepted as the safest transportation system in the world, have turned into a system that the citizens have to use in fear as a result of the decisions and practices of the bureaucrats who come to management in TCDD.

Today, as a result of a management approach that is responsible for the disasters that caused the death of tens of citizens and injuries of hundreds, from Pamukova to Tavsanci, from Corlu to Marşandiz.

We have been witnessing for a long time that members and executives of the pro-union have been unconditionally appointed, and that many top-level executives have been increasingly contested.

We anxiously monitor the appointment of people who do not have the slightest knowledge about the railroad only through political motives.

As we say that railways are an institution that should be remembered with science, merit, and experience, we witness to make unassigned appointments with a stubborn, unscientific approach.

TCDD management; The fact that it interferes with the lowest ranks in our organization by ignoring laws and regulations shows the extent of this recklessness.

Our union BTS; While protecting the rights and interests of its members, he stood in a place where he made real unionism and struggled for the development of the railways against this negative picture of the railways, when he presented his opinions and suggestions in a constructive manner in his meetings with the managers of the institution when necessary, he made warnings in the face of mistakes and press in this context. He bravely shared the approaches of our union through the media.

Although BTS is an honorable member of KESK, the real voice of public laborers, it is a union with decades of history as a member of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and the European Transport Workers Federation (ETF).

To date, we have faced many attacks against our Union and our members. However, he continued his struggle without resisting against every attack, without taking a step back from what he knew correctly, and became a defender of a line that did not hesitate to show solidarity to all kinds of mistakes in every field of life, nationally and internationally.

We want everyone to know that they will repel this attack with the same sense of determination and solidarity.

Upon the exile of our member by our union, we did not take a step towards the solution of the problem in the meetings we held with the TCDD General Manager and Deputy Head of the TCDD Traffic and Station Management Department, and stood behind this unlawful assignment under the name of rotation. TCDD General Directorate commits a crime by doing this operation against the laws and regulations.

We call once again from here. We want to cancel the transaction by giving up as soon as possible this wrong application. Otherwise, our union will make a criminal complaint about the responsible of this unlawful practice, and it should be known that we will continue our efforts and organize actions and activities on a legitimate basis.

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