Bandırma Logistics Workshop Will Be Held

Bandirma logistics will be organized
Bandirma logistics will be organized

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce (BTO) 16th Professional Committee will organize a “Bandırma Logistics Workshop” at Bandırma Chamber of Commerce (BTO) meeting room on Thursday, 27 February at 13.30.

Representatives of public institutions and organizations and BTO to the workshop to be held as a preliminary study in order to determine the issues, problems and solution suggestions to be addressed in the "Bandırma Logistics Workshop" session to be held on 17-20 April 21 at Bandırma 2020 Eylül University Foreign Trade and Logistics Application and Research Center organization. Company representatives in the 16th profession group will participate.

In the workshop; What are the questions and problems in the customs clearance process of the exporting and importing enterprises, the problems experienced in the port-highway-railway connection within the scope of maritime transportation, railway capacity and equipment adequacy, road qualification situations and needs in road transportation, the preference of the companies in Bandırma in international road transportation. by addressing issues such as document and permit problems of enterprises providing transportation services, the adequacy of bonded and non-bonded storage areas in Bandırma, the preference status of warehouses in Bandırma and warehouse requirement rates, the qualifications of personnel working in logistics, personnel needs and training. A data will be created to show the logistics situation.

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