Train Journey in the West of Europe Dreamy Nightmare in the Balkans

nightmare in balkans like train travel dreams west of europe
nightmare in balkans like train travel dreams west of europe

Passenger trains vary greatly in Europe, from France's world-renowned high-speed train TGV to Moldovan's board-top wagons from the Soviet Union era.

Euronews in the news in Turkish; “In the last report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which was prepared considering the price, speed, punctuality and number of trips, it is remarkable that the situation of the trains is“ very bad ”especially in the Balkans.

Due to the lack of fuel due to the lack of financial resources in Albania, a single flight was not made until November 2020 from last November. State railways HSH also did not make an official statement that the flights were suspended. The public social media platform was able to be aware of the situation thanks to the messages and photos shared in groups created on Facebook.

In the WEF report, the railways of each country are evaluated over 7. The last line is Albania's rating of just 1,2. Other Balkan countries, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia follow with 2 points.

European Union member Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Greece are the countries with the worst equipped passenger trains according to the European Commission. The best ones are listed as Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Spain.

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