Ankara People Love Mobile Ticket Application

ankaralilar loved the mobile ticket application
ankaralilar loved the mobile ticket application

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which closely follows technological developments and smart city systems, has added a new one to its mobile applications series.

The Ankarakart Mobile Ticket (Pocket Ticket) application of the Metropolitan Municipality, which provides a practical use for the locals and foreign tourists coming to the capital city and the capital city, attracts great interest by the citizens.


The Mobile Ticket application, which is one of the mobile applications that facilitates the lives of the citizens and which has been implemented in Ankara since October 4, 2019, has been used by NFC system phones until today.

While traveling is easier with mobile phones compatible with credit card use, passengers using EGO's public transportation vehicles can easily pass through the validators without having to call the box office, counter and dealer.


Citizens who say that they use the mobile ticket application constantly and make mobile mobile easier;

-Esma Yalçın: “It was a very practical application for us students. I am not wasting time by calling the box office. Thank you to everyone who contributed. ”

-Nursen Yıldırım: “I can easily load with my credit card from my mobile phone whenever I want with a mobile ticket. I don't have to call the box office to make a load. ”

-Meral Körs: “I have been using this application for a long time. I recommend to all passengers. I lost my card, I couldn't load it. I also save time. I would like to thank everyone who started this application. ”


When using NFC-enabled phones in public transport;

∙ Your phone's NFC application should open,

∙ To use the NFC application I www.ankarakart.coYou must have membership in

Sanal After the membership process is completed, one virtual card section will be displayed, and if you get a minimum of 4 cards for this section, you can do your boarding.

∙ You can register your credit card, debit cards to the system for uploads, you can quickly make balance transactions from the system to your virtual card and use them immediately,

Yükleme After installing on your virtual card, you can activate the option by choosing which of the transportation or shopping buttons you want to use,

De When you activate the transportation option; You can take advantage of the service by zooming the section that is the NFC application of the phone to the validator,

Kullanım In this application, each usage fee is 4 TL,

A Even if the personal phone is not with you, you can log in and use it from another phone with the help of a user name and password,

Ildığında When logging in with a phone other than the registered phone, a password will be sent to your registered phone for the security of personal information. After verifying the password, you can access the transactions in turn and also benefit from the transportation services.

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