First Pickaxe Shot for Ankara Bicycle Road Project

The first pickaxe is hit for the ankara bicycle road project
The first pickaxe is hit for the ankara bicycle road project

The first pickaxe is hit for the Bicycle Road Project, which Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş promised to the Capitals. Stating that transportation policies are now shaping the cities, Mayor Yavaş said, “We attach great importance to bicycle transportation. We will start the 1st Stage construction works of the project on Wednesday, February 26th. Good luck to Ankara. ”

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who pushes the button for the change of transportation policy in the capital, where the population and traffic density increases day by day, fulfills the promises he made to the capitals one by one.

Launching the “Bicycle Road Project”, which will provide more economic, healthy and sustainable transportation, President Yavaş also announced that the first digging will be hit on Wednesday, February 1 for the first phase of the project, which will combat air and noise pollution and provide an alternative solution to traffic jams.


Explaining that they plan to complete the 1st stage of the Bicycle Road Project within 2 months, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş made the following evaluations:

“Our main goal is to bring our Capital to the point it deserves. We want Ankara to become a world city, which has been registered in the top ranks with its urban services, quality of life, sensitivity to the environment and human beings in the national and international arena. At this point, transportation services and policy are of special importance. Transportation is the service area that touches human life the most among urban services. The transportation sector is also very important in terms of the economy of the cities. Transportation policies no longer only represent a person going from one place to another, they shape the cities. That's why we care about cycling transportation. ”

Stating that they are working intensively on bicycle business models, Mayor Yavaş said, “We are starting the construction of the 1st stage on February 26, paying attention to topography, urban mobility, central points, speed limits and demographic features. We want to expand the bicycle network in Ankara to public transportation much more. We have examined many examples of countries related to this, and we plan to apply the most suitable model for Ankara to public transport as soon as possible. The construction of the 1st phase of the Bicycle Road Project is already beneficial to all of Ankara. ”


Thanks to the project, which aims to improve the quality of life of capital cities, fuel consumption and emission rates will also decrease in Ankara.

Stage 53,6 of the 1 km Bicycle Road Project, which will also contribute to climate change adaptation studies, will be carried out on the National Library-Ankara University route. Construction works of the 3,5 km route will be completed quickly without disrupting the traffic order.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to increase the use of bicycles and create a bicycle culture in Ankara, will integrate the metro network with the bicycle path project.

There are 10 university campuses, 2 industrial zones, more than 30 public institutions, more than 40 schools and sports complexes, hospitals, shopping centers and many green areas on the project route where safe bike paths, pedestrian zones and walkways are planned.

While a total of 410 thousand young people live on the bicycle route that resides in a total of 109 thousand people, 322 thousand students receive education on the campuses on the route.


The General Directorate of EGO received the opinions of universities, bicycle communities and professional chambers, especially non-governmental organizations, on surveying, analysis, technical drawing and engineering studies for the Bicycle Road Project.

53,6 km bicycle path;

National Library-Ankara University,

AKM-Ankara Metropolitan Municipality,

MTA-TOBB University

Eryaman-West Route,

Eryaman-Göksu Route

Ümitköy-Etimesgut Route,

Batıkent-Ivedik Route

Hacettepe-METU-Bilkent-Mustafa Kemal Neighborhood

It consists of Sıhhıye-Cebeci Routes.

The 1 km remaining route, which is planned to be completed within 50,1 year after the completion of the first stage construction; Project studies for technical drawing, survey, analysis and engineering, structural and vegetative landscape will be accelerated.

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