Little Kindergarten Presented a City Tour with Akçaray

Kindergarten kids took a city tour with Akcaray
Kindergarten kids took a city tour with Akcaray

TransportationPark, a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which provides thousands of citizens every day in Kocaeli, also welcomes its guests within the scope of the trips it organizes. In this context, the Kindergarten student became the guest of 30 minimungulationPark General Directorate and Akçaray. The happiness of the little students who made a city tour with Akçaray was read through their eyes.


TransportationPark had a city tour with Akçaray to the little students who came to visit. Within the scope of the trip, a fun and informative trip on the tram was carried out with 30 little guests and 6 duty teachers. Information about the tram was conveyed to the children by the authorized personnel in TransportationPark. The happiness of children was worth seeing during the trip that was accompanied by fun children's music.


The children, who traveled with a small tram in the Akçaray Maintenance Workshop at the Directorate of TransportationPark, had joyful moments. The 30 students who participated in the trip could not hide their surprise when they saw the small tram. The visitors who took the tram with the help of their teachers, liked the tiny tram. After taking a few laps, the trip ended with a souvenir photo.

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