Alsancak Bornova Street is Closed to Vehicle Traffic with a Pedestrian Decision

alsancak bornova street is closed to vehicle traffic with the decision to pedestrianize
alsancak bornova street is closed to vehicle traffic with the decision to pedestrianize

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided to pedestrian Bornova Street in Alsancak. Opinions of residents and tradesmen were taken before the implementation project.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took another step in pedestrianization of Alsancak and decided to pedestle Bornova Street (1469 Street). The UKOME decision, which envisages the restriction of vehicle traffic, is aimed to be implemented by the end of the year.

At the meeting held yesterday in Konak Municipality Türkan Saylan Cultural Center, the ideas of the people living and working in the region were taken about the pedestrianization project. The meeting was attended by Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eser Atak, Head of Transportation Department Mert Yaygel and Konak Deputy Mayor Ali Ulvi Dülger.

To be designed with the people of the region

Eser Atak, who made a presentation at the meeting, emphasized that the Alsancak Punta Region is planned to be transformed into a pedestrian priority area, and Bornova Street is the first step towards this. Why pedestrianization is necessary and why pedestrianized streets and streets kazanAtak, describing his works, introduced the preliminary project prepared for Bornova Street. Giving examples from the world and Turkey, Atak said, “One of the closest and most beautiful examples is Alsancak Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi. How many businesses here kazanIt is known to everyone that he is strong and valuable. Bornova Street is also a street where pedestrian traffic is very high, but it is very difficult to walk. By the end of the year, we aim to pedestrianize this street and impose restrictions on vehicle traffic. We would like to listen to your opinions and suggestions so that the preliminary project we have prepared can be finalized in the most accurate way before the implementation. When it comes to the design stage, an accessibility level that includes disadvantaged groups will emerge. It will be designed together with the residents of the pedestrianized Bornova Street.”

Suggestions will be taken into consideration

Alsancak Neighborhood Headman Hicran Akuzun stated that the project will further enliven social, cultural and economic life and minimize security weaknesses in the region. Later, residents of the region shared their opinions and suggestions about the project.

Noting the objections as well as the supports given to the project, Deputy Secretary General Atak stated that all of them will be taken into consideration, they are open to new opinions and suggestions, and that Bornova Street will be designed in the best way.

How will the new order be?

The street to be pedestrian will only be open to vehicle traffic between 04.00-10.00 for the loading, loading and unloading works of tradesmen and citizens. Between these hours, vehicles will enter the street from Ataturk Street (Sait Altinordu Square) and will work one-way towards 1. Kordon.

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