First Step for Mount Nemrut Railway System Project Will Be Taken This Year

The first step for nemrut mountain rail system project will be taken this year
The first step for nemrut mountain rail system project will be taken this year

Adıyaman, who has witnessed the unique view of Commagene culture by taking place on the stage of history with its historical richness, natural and cultural values, is getting ready for the International Nemrut Festival.

Under the leadership of Adıyaman Governorship, an evaluation meeting was held on the International Nemrut Festival, which will be organized with the support of Adıyaman Municipality and Adıyaman University.

Mayor Süleyman Kılınç, Rector of Adıyaman University, to the meeting held at the Hilton Hotel under the Presidency of Governor Aykut Pekmez to determine the road map of the Festival, which is planned to be held in July or September. Dr. Mehmet Turgut, Deputy Governor Bedir Deveci, AK Party Provincial President Mehmet Dağtekin, Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Sami Işık, ATSO President Mustafa Uslu, Commodity Exchange President Mahmut Fırat, OSB President Abdulkadir Çelenk, Adıyaman Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Ziya Duranay, Adıyaman Hotel owners, tourism industry representatives, tour operators and officials of travel agencies attended.

In the meeting held under the chairmanship of Governor Aykut Pekmez, the establishment of the Festival Organizing Committee and the distribution of duties among institutions were discussed for the festival to be held.

Making the opening speech of the meeting, Governor Aykut Pekmez said, “This festival is very important in terms of promoting the touristic assets of Adıyaman, which is almost an open air museum. As you know, our Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy came to our city 4 months ago and visited the historical and touristic places of Adıyaman. As Governorship, we prepared our projects for improving the tourism potential of Adıyaman. Especially with the leadership of our Minister, a study will be carried out this year on the construction of a rail system to Mount Nemrut. We also have a project on the protection of statues at the Nemrut Ören site and we will realize this this year. On the other hand, we have a project for environmental and landscaping of Perre Ancient City, one of the 3 big cities of Commagene Civilization, 5 km away from the city center. We continue our efforts to make this place a center of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists and to become a center of attraction where history is revived. With the contribution of our university, our ministry has taken this field back to the excavation program. We will start excavation work in the coming days. Again, in order to increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to our city and to ensure that tourists spend more time in the city center, our restoration works are continuing at the historical Tuz Inn. Our Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, will participate in our International Nemrut Festival, which we consider especially important for the promotion of Adıyaman, and will support it as a ministry. Our Ministry will invite the participation of international tour operators, travel agencies, newspapers, television and columnists to this festival. The festival, which we intend to hold in September, will take 4-5 days. We plan to invite artists, who can make a sound both nationally and internationally, to the festival. If we can perform the festival with a beautiful organization, we hope that we have efforts and studies to declare 2021 the year of Nemrut. We organized this meeting to get the opinions and opinions of you, the valuable tourism sector representatives, to ensure that the festival we will organize today is colorful and beautiful. ”

Mayor Süleyman Kılınç said, “We are organizing a consultation meeting with the valuable tourism sector representatives about the International Nemrut Festival that we will organize today so that we can have brain training. Adıyaman is a city with a great potential in terms of nature, culture, tourism, sports and faith tourism. It is necessary to increase the quality of tourists in this city, which has such a rich potential. We are at the top of the countries that attract the most tourists in the world, but we are at the 13th place in income-generating maintenance. What can we do in the new period rather than our historical criticism? Considering all the historical and touristic values ​​that Adıyaman has, they will support this festival as a Municipality ”.

Adiyaman University Rector. Dr. Mehmet Turgut said, "As Adıyaman University, we are ready to do whatever falls on us to the end, so that the festival will be a joyful one."

NGO Presidents and representatives of the tourism sector exchanged ideas to attend the International Nemrut Festival in an enthusiastic way.

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