Thanks Visit to Metro Staff Rescuing Your Dog

Thanks to the subway staff who saved the bridge
Thanks to the subway staff who saved the bridge

Kadıköy Metro staff rescued the dog, whose paw was stuck on the escalator at the metro station. The owner of the dog, Fatma Kamuran Koç, visited the station attendants with her dog.

Kadıköy - Tavsantepe Metro Line Kadıköy Fatma Kamuran Koç's dog's paw was stuck on the escalator while traveling on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at the station. Thereupon, Metro Istanbul staff at the station intervened immediately. Officers, who closed the walking staircase, removed the dog's paw from where it was stuck with a reverse command. Passenger Fatma Kamuran Koç and the officers who took the dog to the passenger operating room dressed the dog's paw.

The dog's health is good ...

With Fatma Kamuran Koç dog on Monday, February 10, 2020 Kadıköy Coming to the station, he thanked Station Chief Cihan Dinç, Security Guards Giger Çelebi, Mehmet Kaya and Mustafa Kılıç. Koç also met with Business Chief Hamza Karahan on the phone, stating that his dog is in good health, and expressed his satisfaction with the help of Metro Istanbul employees.

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