Advertisement Tender for ESHOT Buses Concluded

Tender for advertising to eshot buses concluded
Tender for advertising to eshot buses concluded

Savronik Elektronik A.Ş. was awarded the tender for the usage of the buses, stops and transfer centers opened by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for advertising for five years. won. The company will pay ESHOT 60 million pounds.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate has tendered the right to use 4 thousand 998 bus stops and 900 buses for advertising purposes for five years. The tender that was broadcast live on the corporate website, Savronik Elektronik A.Ş. won. The company will pay ESHOT 60 million pounds for five years.

Two companies received specification for the tender, the price of which was determined as 48 million 274 thousand 440 TL. Savronik Elektronik A.Ş. made an offer. The company won the tender by raising its first offer of 53 million TL to 60 million 1470 TL during the bargaining phase.

The company will also establish a total of 1820 voice and video digital information platforms and passenger information systems in bus interiors, stops and transfer centers.

All tenders are broadcast live

ESHOT General Directorate decided to broadcast all tenders live in line with the principle of transparency. The auctions are announced on the official website of ESHOT. Tenders coming on the day and time are broadcast live on the site. ESHOT annually organizes an average of 100 tenders.

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