High Speed ​​Train Services Coming to Eskişehir People

Special high-speed train services are coming to the people of Eskisehir
Special high-speed train services are coming to the people of Eskisehir

A flash statement was made about the High Speed ​​Train where Eskişehir people could not find tickets. "The Ankara and Istanbul direct high speed train sets will start operating within a few months," said Orhan Durmus of the AK Party.

When the High Speed ​​Train was put into service, the services of the main line trains were stopped. Due to the density of the passengers, other main lines have started again, but the Eskişehir Express was unfortunately not returned. Anadolu Newspaper writer Ali Baş had moved to the corner of January 27 that Eskişehir people, who could not find a place in the High Speed ​​Train, wanted the Eskişehir Express back. AK Party Tepebaşı Municipal Council Member Orhan Durmuş, one of the commentators of the "Pulse of Eskişehir" program broadcasted live on ES TV, made a statement that relieved everyone about the Eskişehir Express brought up by Ali Baş. He has announced that 3 High Speed ​​Train sets, which will go directly to Ankara and Istanbul from Durmus Eskisehir, will be in service soon.


He also emphasized that the new YHT sets will come to Eskişehir by evaluating the statements of AK Party Orhan Durmuş Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turan, which will be produced in TÜLOMSAŞ. Durmuş said, “When our Minister came here, he gave us good news. YHT used to go to Pendik, now it says until Söğütlüçeşme. Demand increased. Eskişehir residents loved High Speed ​​Train, demand increased very much. However, Eskişehir has a 50 percent quota. Until the last day, Eskişehir has a 50 percent quota to Istanbul. It leaves its last day and is open to everyone. They said the rate of failure to meet the demand was 5 percent. Nevertheless, Eskişehir moving train sets, both to Ankara and Istanbul, will start operating within a few months. It will be the High Speed ​​Train. Eskişehir residents started modern comfort. We will not compel Eskişehir residents to a conventional train like Fatih Express. 12 sets were taken and 2 of them were delivered at the moment. 4 more will be received in a few weeks. They will be all by June. From these, an allocation will be made to Eskişehir in the form of a set of 3. There will be flights to Istanbul and Ankara departing from Eskişehir. Sets will be adjusted about this, ”he said.


Durmuş also made important statements about the huge increase in YHT subscription fees. He pointed out that arrangements will be made for stopped wages. Durmuş said, “There is a study on subscription fees. Due to the high passenger demand, the reason for the removal of these subscription discounts was given that a new tariff was determined in which the users of the subscribers sometimes ride the train with empty seats, so that the discount was determined by the passengers reacting to it. However, I received information that will be handled in the near future and a tariff will be determined again. ”

Anadolu Newspaper writer Ali Baş summed up the grievance of the people of Eskişehir with these sentences: “Look, there is no flight to Istanbul! There is no room for high-speed trains! In fact, there is no place in “main line” trains! You do not give any planes, just give Eskişehir express! ”(the Anadolugazete)

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