Exemplary Behavior from Antalya Private Public Bus Driver

Sample behavior from Antalya private public bus
Sample behavior from Antalya private public bus

Public transportation tradesman İbrahim Bardak delivered the bag, which was forgotten on the bus, and has a currency of approximately 107 thousand liras.

In Antalya, retired Lawyer Yunus Gülbaş has forgotten the handbag, which contains 01 thousand dollars in the VF18 Varsak - Faculty line used by public transport tradesman İbrahim Bardak. Realizing that he lost his bag some time after getting off the bus, Gülbaş called the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Call Center and reported the situation. Meanwhile, two female passengers found the bag in the bus and handed it over to the bus driver İbrahim Bardak. At the same time, Bardak, who stopped his bus upon the notification from the call center, saw the currency in it when he opened the bag and informed his superiors. The driver's cup, which kept the bag, came to the Varsak Sixayak Storage Area.


The passenger Yunus Gülbaş, who learned that his bag was safe, met with the public transportation tradesman İbrahim Bardak in Varsak Altıayak Storage Area and took the bag together with the report. After completing his work in the city center, Yunus Gülbaş said that he got on the VF01 Varsak - Faculty line to return home and said, “I got off the bus at the Kepez Park stop and went to a cafe to meet my friends. While returning home, I realized that I had no bags. Then I called the Metropolitan Municipality and conveyed the situation. They also took action immediately. They reported that the bag was on the bus with the money inside. I had 18 thousand dollars in my bag, over 100 thousand TL. ”


"I had no hope that I could find the bag again after losing the bag," said passenger Gülbaş, thanking him and his staff at the Metropolitan Municipality, who said that he saw public transport driver İbrahim Bardak as his brother.

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