Dismissal to a Private Public Bus Driver Involved in Melee

Removal of private public buses into the conflict
Removal of private public buses into the conflict

Bus driver, who was involved in the fight between the passengers due to 'eating nucleus' in a private public bus in Bursa, was removed from duty. In the statement made on the subject, the statements that were published in some media and social media channels under the heading 'The child who was taken out of the bus with the claim that he was muddy in the private public bus' were misrepresented to the public.

During the incident that took place on the B12.30 private public bus line at 24:XNUMX last Sunday, there was a verbal debate among passengers on the grounds of “eating nuclei”. With the participation of other passengers and bus driver, the incident turned into a fight. The verbal debate, which started with the intervention of another passenger after the two young people who were passengers on the bus threw the shells of the nucleus they had eaten on the bus, turned into a fight with the interference of other passengers and the bus driver. In the statement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality regarding the issue fixed to the courthouse with the camera images in the vehicle and transferred to the courthouse, it was stated that the bus driver involved in the fight was removed from his duty. In the statement made, “unfounded news has been published in some media organs and social media as“ the children are lowered from the private public bus because their feet are muddy ”. The public has been misguided in this regard. The incident occurred due to the fact that the two young people dropped the core shells on the public bus, and reached the undesired dimension with the inclusion of the bus driver in the discussion between the passengers. However, we state that we never approve of the bus driver's intervention in the debate, and we emphasize that we will not allow any form of violence. For this reason, the bus driver has been removed from his job. ”

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