Minister Turhan İyidere Examines İkizdere Highway Works

minister turhan iyidere made examinations on the twin road
minister turhan iyidere made examinations on the twin road

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who examined the Iyidere-Ikizdere Highway, met with tradesmen and citizens in the Ikizdere district after the meeting at the road construction site regarding the ongoing works.

Here Turhan Minister in a statement to reporters, Turkey's Rize, as every corner is in also stating that they are in an effort to be able to offer the best service to the people, İyidere, İspir and Erzurum road said that in the past almost an ordeal way.

Pointing out that the problems experienced were minimized with the works carried out, Turhan said, “I arrived in İkizdere from Iyidere as early as 30 minutes by car. Fortunately, the 44-kilometer road falls to 38 kilometers. We pierced the mountains, bends and creeks with tunnels and bridges, viaducts, thank God. ” used the expression.

Turhan pointed out that the traffic in the region increased in the summer season and continued as follows:

"So here's just not human, even Turkey coming by people from all abroad. People come to see these natural beauties and take the air of the highland. We also make the transportation infrastructure as hot asphalt in a divided road standard to relieve their arrival and departure. We built the Ovit Tunnel, we make the Broken Tunnel. After these sections are completed, we will tender the place between İkizdere and Sivrikaya to the entrance of the Ovit Tunnel and make it a high standard road. This place will not be a way to meet only regional needs for tourism purposes. This is a route that connects the ports of our country in the Eastern Black Sea to the border gates. In other words, it is the gateway of countries in South Asia geography to the world. ”

Emphasizing that the investments made and to be made will make significant contributions to the development of the region, Minister Turhan stated that they plan to hold the tender of the Iyidere Logistics Center and Port this year and that there will be more commercial and tourism traffic in the region with the implementation of the project.

Explaining that they aim to raise the living standards of people and improve their quality of life, Turhan said that they are working to prepare an infrastructure in which citizens can use all kinds of technical opportunities of the age.

“These services will continue with an increasing momentum from now on”

Stating that the works that started all over the country are carried on non-stop, Turhan said:

“Our activities and investments continue increasingly in parallel with our economic power, not only in İkizdere, Rize and the Eastern Black Sea, but also in Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Marmara. Of course, we see these services as delayed services. These services should come earlier. After leaving the political stage, Mr. President, these services with our agenda of Turkey entering our country quickly began to be offered to the people. Hopefully these services will continue with an increasing momentum. Not only people living in certain cities and centers but also people living in rural areas in every region of our country will have the opportunity to benefit from these services at a sufficient level. ”

Pointing out that many important projects have been realized until today, Turhan said, “Our cities have been connected with divided roads. Now, we are in an effort to realize the standard of our provincial and district roads as projects. I hope that when these are made and completed, we desire to leave a country with a more comfortable life and a high quality of life to the future. ” he spoke.

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