Istanbul Metro transports 65 million 200 thousand passengers in December

Istanbul subways carries million thousand passengers in December
Istanbul subways carries million thousand passengers in December

December 2019 Business Performance Scorecard of Metro Istanbul has been published. Accordingly, the subways of Istanbul carried 844 flights with 153 vehicles in December and carried 495 million 65 thousand passengers.

Turkey's largest rail operator in the city of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul subsidiary of Metro continues to İstanbullular'l information sharing with transparent and accountable municipal understanding. The Company's December 2019 Operating Performance Scorecard was published.

Number of Passengers has increased by 2018 million 3 thousand compared to 900

According to this; In December of 2019, 158 vehicles and 844 thousand 153 flights were carried out at 495 ​​stations in Istanbul's subways. The number of flights was 148 in the same period last year. Vehicles traveling 500 million kilometers in December 2018 reached 8.2 million kilometers in the same month this year. As a result of these efforts, the number of passengers, which was 8.4 million 2018 thousand in December 61, increased in December 300 and reached 2019 million 65 thousand.

Number of Flights Realized in Time is Above Average

According to the performance report of Metro Istanbul, 2019 percent of the flights took place in December 98.91. Nova-Comet, the international benchmarking organization in which 5 metros on 38 continents were members, had an average flight time of 95.1 percent.

The time to respond to the complaints from the passengers targeted for 5 days was 2.5 days. The average of the return to the complaints envisaged by Nova-Comet was maximum 10 days. According to the data in the performance report, the number of events per 2019 million passengers in December 1 was Nova-Comet's average of 4, while the number of Metro Istanbul reached 2.3.

For Metro Istanbul's December 2019 Business Performance Scorecard CLICK HERE

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