Generator in the YHT Maintenance Vehicle Flames

Generator in the maintenance vehicle ignited
Generator in the maintenance vehicle ignited

The generator located in the YHT maintenance vehicle in the Pamukova Karapınar Quarter lit up. When the flaming vehicle did not go out with the intervention of the citizens, the driver took the burning vehicle out of the neighborhood so that the flames did not splash into the houses.

The incident occurred in Pamukova Karapınar Neighborhood around 16.00:XNUMX.

According to the information received, while the 06 BID 743 plate High Speed ​​Train railway maintenance vehicle used by Muharrem Yalçınkaya came to buy drinking water to Karapınar Mahallesi, the generator behind the vehicle was ignited for an unknown reason.

The fire grew suddenly as the flames splashed into the plastic to cover the back of the vehicle. Citizens and vehicle drivers in the vicinity of the burning vehicle intervened.

When the flame could not be controlled, the vehicle driver Muharrem Y. took the vehicle out of the neighborhood by getting on the burning vehicle to prevent the flames from harming the houses and the citizens.

The generator, which remained in flame in the vehicle, which went out of the neighborhood in flames, dropped off from the vehicle. The vehicle chauffeur parked the vehicle, which remained in flames, between the vineyards 1 kilometer outside Karapınar Mahallesi. In the meantime, upon the notification of the incident to Pamukova Fire Brigade Teams, the firefighters who came to the scene in a short time, when the vehicle between the vineyards could not enter the place, the fire hose was extended and the fire was intervened. Despite the intervention, the vehicle was completely burned and became unusable. (Medyab is)

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