Eurasia Tunnel Toll Calculation Technique

How is the Eurasia tunnel toll fare calculated?
How is the Eurasia tunnel toll fare calculated?

Avrasya Tunnel Construction and Investment Inc. According to the announcement made on the website, the Eurasia Tunnel one-way passes are determined as 1 TL for cars and 2020 TL for minibuses, effective as of 00 February 00.

Prices were 23,30 TL for cars and 34,90 TL for minibuses. With the last hike, there has been a 119 percent hike in tolls since the Eurasia Tunnel was opened.

The Ministry of Transport announced that there was no increase in the Eurasia Tunnel tolls. In the statement made by the Ministry, it was said that "The new fee table was put on the site inadvertently."

Eurasia Tunnel Toll Calculation is calculated like this

When it comes to tolls… Here are the elements taken into consideration in the calculation of tolls and the method of calculation:

  • Vehicle Pass Fee: It's $ 4.5. The amount projected as $ 4 has increased slightly due to some of the costs raised in the project.
  • U.S. Inflation: US inflation rate is around 9 percent in a certain period (cumulative increase in the last 10-23 years).
  • Dollar exchange rate: January 2, 2020 The rate announced by the Central Bank is 5,9478 TL.
  • VAT: In addition, 8 percent VAT is added to the tolls.

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