Discount on Samsun Transportation Delights

Discounts made in Samsun transportation
Discounts made in Samsun transportation

On the order of Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, it was a joy to discount the tram, city bus, public bus and cable car subscription fees. Stating that they are satisfied with the discount, Samsun residents thanked President Demir

Samsuncanlıhab isAccording to the news of; “On the order of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, students were given 33 percent discount on tram, city bus, public bus and cable car subscription tariffs, and 12 percent to 24 percent on civil subscriptions. Speaking about the application, citizens said they were satisfied with the discount.


Nermin SEVAL: Many things are expensive in Samsun. The issue of transportation is one of them. It is good that Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir supported such a situation. We were happy. Thank you.


Betül ÖZCAN: The subscription plan that was applied at the beginning was very much. I go to Samsun University and come. I have studied in Ankara before. We were paying 1,25 lira in Ankara and no transfers were made. But transportation in Samsun is expensive. It is pleasing that such a discount was made.


Hasan ÜRER: Due to the fact that many people over the age of 65 travel with a free card, the transportation of paid travelers is expensive. However, the incoming discount will somewhat relax the citizen's pocket. I thank our president.


Atila ÇEKİÇ: I think the tariff can be beneficial as many citizens in Samsun will benefit from this discount. The budget of all citizens is limited and everyone wants to act according to their budget. Therefore, it is gratifying that the discount has been made.


Erhan COŞKUN: It is reasonable to make such discounts. It's nice to get on the bus and the tram with a single card. I think it will be beneficial for both the citizen and the municipality. As a citizen, I would like to use all the facilities offered by the municipality. It will be very useful for students. Because they need it most.


Perihan ŞEN: As someone who travels constantly with tarm, I would be very happy if such a discount is made. It will be a nice discount for all citizens and students living in Samsun. Because students use tram all the time. Road money is a big burden for people.

My salary is on the way

Nuray YAMAK: I am a working person, so I have to constantly pay for money and I want such a discount. The salary I received is already on the road and is not enough for me. It is also good for students. Because my daughter is studying in Tekkeköy, she also gives money and is not enough.


Dilara ACAR: I am a student and the road money I give does not have a limit account. I have no money. It is good to have such a discount. My friends will be happy too. Hopefully there will always be such discounts.


Celal BALTA: Rail system or bus prices must already be discounted. Because all the people use these transportation systems. The citizen's livelihood at the moment is pretty bad. People did not know which way to catch up. At least such discounts make the citizen happy.


Hüseyin ASLAN: Since I'm over 65, I ride free, but it is fine for our other citizens. Most people use public transportation. It would be nice from the perspective of students. Because they need it most.


Çiğdem ACAR: I am a student too and it makes us happy to have discounts like this. Because we are always on the road and we have to give money. We were having a hard time with this. So it is very good for all students. Thank you to President Mustafa Demir.


Yurdagül YILDIRIM: Since I am a retired teacher, I cannot benefit from this discount. However, students are happy with this discount. Because it's a very good thought. They are the ones who give the most money. I'm so glad.

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