Children Are Conscious with the Little Traffic No Project

Children are aware of the project with no small errors in traffic
Children are aware of the project with no small errors in traffic

The Ministry of Education, Istanbul Commerce University and Shell Turkey, launched in October 2019 in cooperation with "Small Error in Traffic There is no" social investment program continues with full speed.

Aiming to raise the awareness of traffic among students, the program, "There Is No Small Error in Traffic", reached 21 students in 31 schools in the period covering the period of 44 October and 26,607 December. Within the scope of the program, "There Is No Minor Error in Traffic", on the one hand, seminars on traffic safety will be organized for parents while on the other hand, traffic awareness is given to students.

"Parents Seminar" program on February 21, 2020 Ministry of Internal Minister Suleyman Soylu, the Ministry of Education Special Education Institutions General Director Muammer Yildiz, the Ministry of Education Traffic and Driver Education Department President Abdullah fancy, Istanbul Provincial National Education Director Levent printer, Shell Turkey Country President Ahmet Erdem, Rector of Istanbul Commerce University. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Commerce University Öztürk Oran and Professor of Istanbul Commerce University. Dr. It was introduced with the participation of Mustafa Ilıcalı.

Speaking at the introductory meeting held at Istanbul Commerce University about the seminars to be given to parents, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said: “The number of casualties in traffic was 2015 per 100 thousand in 9,6 and 2017 per 100 thousand in 9,2. We reduced this to 2018 per 100 thousand in 8,1 and 2019 per 100 thousand at the end of 6,5. Now we have a claim, and our claim has a basis. Our main target in 2023, that is, in the centenary of our Republic; as in every field, it is to leave our balance sheet to the next generations in the perfect way in the field of traffic. ”


Emphasizing that they attach great importance to traffic education, Süleyman Soylu; “The name of this project reveals the meaning and importance of the project. 'There is no minor error in traffic'. With the precautions we take and the practices we carry out, we reduce the number of traffic accidents and therefore loss of life every year. However, the target is that there is no accident. Traffic accident is not included in the usual course of life, it should not be. We are changing things together. I have partners with whom I have given a red whistle, that is, we have children. We have children who warn their parents. The path that can be taken with control is certain. Education is important, we are trying to break this max luck with everyone who lends an ear to strategy-making campaigns and plays a red whistle wearing a seat belt. We conduct studies based on planned, safe and scientific methods. In this sense, I congratulate everyone who contributed to the program, "There is no minor error in traffic", which emphasizes safety in traffic. "

Referring to the importance of the project initiated in order to raise awareness of children in the field of traffic, Rector of Istanbul Commerce University. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu said in his speech: “Universities are not only institutions that produce academic knowledge, but also make projects in these areas. It is also imperative for universities to produce projects that will contribute socially and economically. We try to benefit both students and the society in general with the projects we carry out. ”


Professor of Istanbul Commerce University, one of the partners of the project. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı stated that they are happy to realize such an important project with strong partners, and said: “As a result of my 40 years of effort in traffic and road safety issues to minimize traffic accidents; The solution of this bleeding wound traffic issue can be summarized in three articles: The first article is to carry out studies to create permanent consciousness in humans, which is a small error in traffic project. The second article is to expand the use of advanced technologies in traffic control, thereby providing strong traffic control, making a great contribution to traffic safety. Finally, the legal arrangements for the subjects in the first and second articles are made.

Approximately 40 percent decrease in fatal accidents was achieved with the compliance of traffic rules and state policies in the last decade to reduce traffic accidents. I have three suggestions on traffic and road safety. The first one is to give the traffic and road safety lesson in all departments of the university and make it compulsory, the second is to establish the “Governor's Emergency Traffic Unit” considering the relationship between earthquake and traffic in Istanbul, and the third one is Technological solutions; Interactive Warning Systems (IUS) and Interactive Supervision Systems (IDT) and implementation of local and national navies ”.

Rector of Istanbul Commerce University Dr. Yücel Oğurlu also stated that universities should focus on social investment projects that benefit the society as well as academic production, and that they have prepared the “No Traffic Minor Error” project that they have implemented as a university. Professor Dr. Oğurlu said, “Within the scope of the project, tens of thousands of students were reached and seminars were given and efforts were made to make our children have traffic awareness. In the second phase of the project, similar trainings will be given to the parents of the students, and from seven to seventy every member of the society will increase awareness about the traffic we sacrifice thousands of people every year. ”

Öztürk Oran, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Commerce University, used the following expressions by providing statistical information:

"In Turkey, highways, there are 23 million 157 thousand vehicles. These vehicles carry lives, carry goods, transfer cargo, day or night. Aside from its economic size ... We know that it is a matter of life. Because the price of the wrong comes. We pay with our lives and health. An average of 1 million 300 thousand people worldwide die every year due to traffic accidents. ”

Referring to the fact that driver faults come first among the causes of traffic accidents, Oran said that these can be prevented, therefore, it is necessary to raise public awareness of traffic dangers and pedestrian and driver training.

Life spent on social investment programs, indicating that principle to create value in society Shell Turkey Country President Ahmet Erdem, "Small errors in traffic None" project stressed that they took an important step in raising awareness of children.

"Shell is one of our top priorities as Turkey" road safety "I am happy to be with you in this important event that we focus on. We have been trying to support our country's development for 97 years and create value for our customers, shareholders and our country. Social responsibility is of course part of this contribution. We traverse path close to 30 million kilometers per year and we are trying our operations in Turkey 7,5 million hours. We aim to carry out all our activities without causing any accident, and we call this “Target Zero”.

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