Let Atatürk Airport Reopen for Domestic Flights

Ataturk airport open to domestic flights again
Ataturk airport open to domestic flights again

At Istanbul's three airports, experts evaluated flight safety: “Sabiha Gökçen is the second runway.”

The accident that occurred on February 5 at Sabiha Gökçen Airport caused concern about flight safety. The images of the Pegasus Boeing 737 aircraft, which made the Izmir-Istanbul expedition, could not stand on the runway and fell on rough terrain, led to various interpretations and many claims. DW Turkish asked experts about the flight safety of Istanbul's three airports.

Some of the experts who shared their opinions with DW Turkish then called and asked not to write their names. Because during this period, the flight instructor of the former fighter pilot Bahadır Altan in Pegasus was terminated. Altan came to the agenda in a television program he participated in by phone after the accident and was disconnected after being disconnected because he said “Like a country brake truck”. Altan shared the following sentences from twitter: “What I have been saying for years has never reached so many people. If this awareness prevents an accident and saves a person's life, I will pay all kinds of costs over and over again. ”

Why isn't the second runway over?

Transportation Minister Cahit Turhan said two days before the accident: “We have a runway at Sabiha Gökçen. This track is very tired. The runway is serviced almost every night during the hours when there are no flights. ” These words raised the question of why the second runway is still not over. Sözcü According to the news of the newspaper on this issue, the partners of AKA Construction, established six months after the tender, and the companies operating the Istanbul Airport are the same: Kalyon Construction and Cengiz Holding. The runway, which is committed to be completed in 14 months, has not been completed in 43 months, Istanbul Airport has been completed in 42 months.

So is Sabiha Gökçen's only shortcoming runway? An experienced captain pilot who passed to a private company after working in THY for years and now provides flight training, lists the shortcomings of the airport as follows:

“Tired of using the floor; a curved track that is bad enough to prevent the tires from touching and clinging. This is a big handicap in terms of landing distance. The pilot is the most primitive challenge to operate in low visibility conditions. ”The captain pilot, who says that the devices measuring the wind is not enough, points out to the question of whether these deficiencies pose a danger or not,“ There are devices that will provide the simplest, minimum standards ”as follows:

“Towerers should also be selected from those who have received sufficient aviation notions and have knowledge. Even porters loading suitcases must be experienced. Merit is required at every point in aviation. It is never done with prayer, torpedo, gift. ”

Airports in Turkey, the State Airports Administration (SAMA), depending on serving. Sabiha Gökçen, on the other hand, to HEAŞ under the Ministry of National Defense, as it was originally planned as a military industrial complex. (Aviation Industries Inc.) HEAŞ officials, who we want to get information about flight safety at the airport, left our request for an interview unanswered.

“There is no danger if there is a flight permit”

Abdullah Nergiz, an aviation expert and editor of the airline 101 website, disagrees: "We cannot say that a flight permit is dangerous without information."

He adds that nobody will risk it, as the slightest glitch will have severe consequences: “But it's also a fact that the track is closely followed. So it needs maintenance. Anyway, when the second runway was opened, the first one would be closed and overhauled. When it first came to the agenda, it was said that it will end in 2012, then it happened in 2017… It still hasn't finished. ”

As the new airport is not preferred, Nergiz does not respect the idea that there is an accumulation in Sabiha Gökçen and therefore the runway may be damaged. Saying that civil aviation cannot go beyond the limits determined by the authorities of the world, he said, “This is 40 movements per hour. Sabiha Gökçen does not go over this anyway. ”

“Taking care does not mean unsafe”

Hava-Sen President Seçkin Koçak says there is no danger in terms of flight safety. Saying that the track is used with great intensity, Koçak said, “You do your controls and you open the track again. There are people signing gold after every transaction. The second runway must be finished as soon as possible but it does not mean that it is unsafe to be taken care of. ”

Sedat Cangül, Secretary General of Hava-İş Union, said, “We are not the ones that provide flight safety. We are working on the rights of our members. ”

New airport: Is the direction of the runways wrong?

The 2019rd airport, which has been the subject of great controversy since the project phase and started its operations in May 3, Istanbul Airport, officially named, is also criticized for flight safety. Runways are at the center of criticism and warnings. Experts, who say that the runways are built in the wrong direction, remind that many planes have to pass the runways to Çorlu or even Bursa even though there is not a harsh winter.

A captain pilot evaluating flight safety with his experience of more than 3 years says that the new airport, which he calls “a disaster in terms of his location”, has received a wind outside the runways that are open to the northern and humid winds of the Black Sea, and whose judge directions are incorrect. For this reason, he stated that there are many wind mills around him and said, “The location selection is wrong. It is always 5-XNUMX degrees cold compared to Istanbul; a place where there is a lot of ice and fog. But beyond that, the land of the rate is coal mines. The structure of the soil is suitable for absorbing water and collapsing. "Crashes have already begun in the parking lots," he says.

Explaining that they want Atatürk Airport to be kept at least one summer and one winter in the new square, the captain pilot said, “Why are we closing? Now it would be a square with 3 tracks at hand, which we can use if necessary. We said a lot, but we couldn't listen. ”

“An airport is built everywhere, as long as it is done right”

Aviation expert Abdullah Nergiz is not so worried about the choice of location. Giving examples from Osaka, Hong Kong, South Korea and reminding that there are airports built entirely above the sea, five kilometers off the coast, “There is no wrong place. Construction technology has become such that you can do it anywhere. Only the cost goes up. ” According to Nergiz, who does not agree with the criticism about the wind, it is a good thing to have a wind at the landing. The only condition is to determine the dominant winds and make the directions of the runway accordingly. "We can't say wrong, but the direction of the tracks is not ideal," he says.

“We don't have a lock on the door”

Hava-Sen President Seçkin Koçak, accepting that there are wrong or missing things, favors looking after this:

“Is there a chance to hit the key after so much investment? I wish it hadn't been done there, I wish we could have been a smarter nation, but it didn't. Sabiha Gökçen is a square that should grow, and it is necessary to try to fill the capacity of Istanbul Airport without too much stubbornness. Measures are needed to complement the shortcomings. He doesn't tolerate delay. One minute of extra fuel means millions of dollars each year. ”

According to Koçak, who said “Both airports should work at maximum capacity”, Istanbul will need another airport ten years later.

“It would be to cut the gold laying egg”

Koçak, Nergiz and all captain pilots who share their opinions suggest that Ataturk Airport is reopened for domestic flights. Saying that it is possible to start domestic flights again in the area already used for cargo planes, protocols and private planes, experts remind that there are airports in the city center in metropolises such as London, New York and Paris.

"Completely cut off golden goose," said Narcissus, he says that Turkey is economically not in a position to make such a bonkörlük. Some parts of the international terminal remind that it was held in 2015 and 2017, saying, “There is a domestic terminal, there are a limited number of domestic flights, both passengers relax, do not waste time, and the other two airports relax”.

When the airspace control is arranged to carry traffic safely, experts who say that three airports can be used technically said, “It looks at a decision. It is resolved by an agreement between DHMI and IGA. ”(Deutsche Welle Turkish)



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