Alanya Antalya Rail System Proposal

Alanya Antalya Rail System Proposal
Alanya Antalya Rail System Proposal

Attending the meeting of the DOSTLAR Platform as a guest speaker, AKTOB (Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers Association) President, TÜROFED and Board Member of the Tourism Promotion and Development Agency Erkan Yağcı explained that Antalya has reached 900 thousand beds with 600 facilities and criticized the tourists not to come to the city. "If you install the rail system or solve the transportation problem, the tourist goes to the city center."

Yağcı pointed out that the facilities built in the first years of the tourism movement that started in 1980 exceeded the age of 30, “It is now time for Antalya to renovate the old facilities instead of establishing new facilities. Everything is very nice in tourist satisfaction surveys, but there are room complaints from this aging. We have reached 900 facilities in Antalya. We have 600 thousand beds. One third of the tourists coming to Turkey prefers Antalya. We have the capacity to cry 75 thousand tourists. ”

Yağcı, on the question of why the tourist did not come to the city center, said, “First of all, I would like to state that we, as hoteliers, want the tourists to go to the city and not to stay in the hotel. We must first ask ourselves the question. Why and where should the tourist go? Tourist participates in events in Aspendos. Why not come to the market? There is a transportation problem. If you set up the rail system from Alanya to Antalya with Kundu and Belek, even in the future, if you solve the transportation problem, the tourist will go to the city center, attraction centers such as Kaleiçi. This is not possible with the budget of local governments. The central government should solve this problem, ”he said.



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