7/24 Court at Istanbul Airport

day hour court at istanbul airport
day hour court at istanbul airport

The Ministry of Justice has started to set up on-duty courts at airports to detain, prevent infringements and effectively combat crime that may occur at departures and entrances abroad. The first application was launched at the new Istanbul Airport.

The courthouse additional service building established at Istanbul Airport will carry out judicial activities related to arresting, taking statements and crimes at the airport. Gaziosmanpaşa Chief Public Prosecutor gave detailed information about Haydar Memiş Airport court and the activities carried out here. Chief Prosecutor Memiş said, “The investigations and seizures carried out here aim to ensure that justice is carried out quickly and effectively, and that the passengers are brought to their aircraft immediately before they experience victimization. He is not aware of the decision to arrest people. This happens when either at the airport, during a call or when entering the hotel.

Persons arriving at the airport either get off the plane or board the plane. All their plans are canceled when they are exposed here. It is not possible to bring the captured person to the competent judge immediately, his statement must be taken through SEGBİS. Here we are trying to do these operations quickly and train the passengers to their aircraft. " said.

Stating that an unprecedented project has been implemented in the world, Attorney General Prosecutor Haydar Memiş said, “In the 15-day period, approximately 200 persons who have caught approximately 200 investigations have been examined.

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