65 Percent of Zigana Tunnel Construction is Completed

Percentage of the construction of the zigana tunnel is completed
Percentage of the construction of the zigana tunnel is completed

Minister of Tourism Turhan Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu, AK Party Trabzon Deputy Salih Cora, Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, General Director of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, AK Party Provincial Mayor Haydar Revi, Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç, Akçaabat Mayor Osman Nuri Ekim Heads of departments of institutions were also accompanied.

Minister Turhan informed the press members about the work done after the investigations. Stating that he wants to see the works carried out in Trabzon, Minister Turhan said, “First of all, we visited the construction site of the divided road between Trabzon and Maçka. The work here has been substantially completed. However, since this route connects the Black Sea Coastal Road to the Eastern Anatolia Region and the border gates of our Eastern neighbors, the Değirmendere Tunnel and the Pottery Tunnel works to solve the intense traffic problem in the city and to ease the Trabzon-Gümüşhane-Erzurum corridor with the coast connection. we also included in this project. As of today, we are starting the work of these tunnel and intersection projects, which are prepared to produce solutions to the problems experienced especially at the port and Değirmendere crossroads. We believe that this project will contribute significantly to the Black Sea Coastal Road and the city traffic. ”


Making a statement about the Zigana Tunnel, Minister Turhan said, “The Zigana Tunnel works between Trabzon and Gümüşhane continue rapidly. Excavation works were completed at 65 percent, and concreting works at 45 percent. Especially when the Zigana Tunnel, which we built to relieve transportation in this region, which is interrupted from time to time in the winter, is completed, the 22 km section decreases to 11 km. We will have provided significant time savings and uninterrupted transportation. ”


Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan also gave information about the efforts made to relieve the traffic in the city and said, “There were excessive agglomerations and waits in the region where the Auto Industry Site is located. In particular, transit traffic generated by trucks, trucks and buses caused time losses when they intersected with the intense urban traffic in this region. In order to relieve the traffic of this region, we take our road from Erzurum direction into the tunnel in Deliklitaş location, pass through the tunnel in the part where the Imaginary Garage is located, and pass through a rotary intersection in the area where the current old coastal road is located, and through the intersection on the Coastal Road. we will integrate. This will cause the traffic to relax, "he said.


Addressing the problems experienced at the junction of the port, Minister Turhan said, “We enter the existing new coastal road at Moloz site, through a tunnel just west of the place where the old teacher school is located, and pass the Pottery region through a tunnel passing under the city and integrate it with the tunnel that runs just east of the port. In addition to this, we will also eliminate the traffic jams experienced in the urban transformation Potter and port area. We will also take the traffic from the port through this junction in a separate way and transfer it to Erzurum, Rize and Giresun in this tunnel. We will conclude this traffic suffering, especially between Değirmendere and Moloz, with these projects. ”


Minister Turhan, who also evaluated the works of Kanuni Boulevard, said, “We attach great importance to Kanuni Boulevard, which will separate Trabzon city pass and Black Sea Coastal traffic and ensure the flow of transit traffic quickly. With this project, we are building 22 crossroads with bridges. We also have 8 double tube tunnels on the project route. Kanuni Boulevard will perform an important task to provide comfortable traffic in the main arteries concentrated in the city. Until today, the Star Junction and parts of the Akyazı region have been opened for service. Hopefully, in March, we will have completed and opened the 2-kilometer section up to the Erdoğdu crossroads. ”


Karşıyaka Stating that the work is continuing in the viaduct section, Minister Turhan said:Karşıyaka Once we complete the viaduct, transportation in the city will be shorter and easier. In the continuation of the work, where the Aydınlıkevler, Çatak and Erdoğdu intersections are located, the work has been completed to a great extent. Hopefully, we will have opened the part up to the Erdoğdu junction in March. We aim to complete the part up to the Yenicuma, Boztepe Tunnel and Boztepe bridged junction by the end of the year. ”

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