184 People Applied to the Purchase of 744 Bus Drivers of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality

People applied to the announcement of the big city of Mersin
People applied to the announcement of the big city of Mersin

The Metropolitan Municipality, which was announced on February 184 for the purchase of 10 bus drivers to work within the scope of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Public Transport Branch Directorate, both aims to improve the quality of the public transportation service and employs job seeking citizens.

744 people were interviewed by applying for a bus driver from the Metropolitan Municipality. Candidates to be determined as a result of interviews at the Congress and Exhibition Center will also be entitled to take the steering exam.

Metropolitan 184 bus driver announced for purchase

Metropolitan Municipality, by announcing that it will purchase 184 drivers in the advertisement, has called for the candidates to have taken the age of 26 and have experience in the field. Metropolitan Municipality, old type E Class or new type D Class license, Psychotechnical Qualification Certificate, SRC-1 or SRC-2 Professional Qualification Certificate, as well as the absence of criminal records or criminal record for dishonest crimes, and looked for the conditions to have working principles.

A total of 744 people applied to become bus drivers

717 people, 27 men and 744 women, applied to the announcement of the Metropolitan Municipality. Candidates who met the requirements in the pre-selection qualify for an interview. At the Metropolitan Municipality Convention and Exhibition Center, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Olcay Tok, Head of the Transportation Department Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of the Department of Mukhtar Affairs Ceren Derkuş and Mersin Metropolitan Culture, Arts, Science, Transportation, Trade and Industry Inc. The jury members, including the Board Member Saim Gül, asked the candidates at the 7 tables that were created.

During the interview, questions about their CVs, work experiences, job requirements, stress resistance levels, passenger sensitivity and health status were managed. Candidates to be determined as a result of the evaluation will be entitled to take the steering exam.

“I am so happy when I see a woman at the wheel”

Among the 27 female candidates, Buse Tipi stated that they could work in all kinds of jobs, including as a driver, as a woman, and therefore applied for a job. Tipi said:

“At the moment, in our country, when women are so neglected, women killings are increased and women are so marginalized, we hear sentences like 'Women cannot do, how to be a driver from women, women cannot do it'. We do the work of men much better. I'm so happy when I see a woman at the wheel. How beautiful they are doing their job. I will be one of them. It is perfect for our President to take such a step and offer these opportunities. ”

“If you love doing a job, you will work”

Serkan Uyanmış stated that he was a public transportation vehicle driver in Mersin before and applied for work as an experienced driver. Emphasizing that he loves his job, Uyanmış said, “The person who will do this job should be a public transportation driver. Other than that, it cannot be difficult. I have experience. This is an indispensable thing, I do it fondly. If you already love a job, you will work. If you do not like it, you cannot work in one place. I would like to thank my President for offering these opportunities whether I am hired or not. ”

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