120-Year Derbent Train Station on the Assembly Agenda

annual derbent train station agenda
annual derbent train station agenda

CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar stated that the Büyükderbent Train Station, which was temporarily closed in May, was not opened on the specified date and expressed the issue in Parliament.

In his speech, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar pointed out the importance of this line, noting that Büyükderbent's train station was 120 years old. Stating that the Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı regional line carried 30 thousand passengers daily before the High Speed ​​Train studies, Akar said that this number dropped to 20 thousand per month.


Stating that the Büyükderbent Train Station was temporarily removed in May due to the signaling works, Akar said that the station, which stated that it will be opened on December 9, 2019, is still closed, which makes the citizens suffer. Stating that the people of Büyükderbent gather at the Station every Friday by saying 'We want our train back', Akar said that the authorities should listen to this voice and make it work again. kazanasked them to climb. Akar stated that the number of flights, which was 2012 before 24, was reduced to 10, and that the number of stops decreased from 30 to 8.

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