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yht tickets bought online
yht tickets bought online

While TCDD's exorbitant hikes to High Speed ​​Train (YHT) subscription fees remained on the agenda, it turned out that the 1.5 percent discount applied to tickets purchased online was also removed.

SözcüAccording to the news of Ali Ekber Ertürk from: “It has reached the details of the exorbitant hike made by TCDD Tasimacilik to the YTH subscription fees and gathered reactions. In the article titled "Commercial Discount Practices" distributed to the units by the Headquarters, it was stated that "The commercial discounts applied by our company, the duties and public services assigned to it in accordance with our relevant legislation are carried out in accordance with the principle of efficiency in accordance with economic and social requirements." The article also included the article "The 1.5 percent discount applied to internet and mobile sales channels was removed".

The new regulations made with the expressions “The following decisions have been taken to be applied as of 03.01.2020 regarding the commercial discounts in force” are as follows:

  • In the high speed trains operated by our company, all commercial discounts have been removed in the business class, which is still charged by a certain percentage of the economy class that is still in practice.


  • All passengers who buy tickets from a business wagon will be charged a full business class fee regardless of their discount / free travel cards.
  • Round-trip discount will continue to be applied on business wagons as 15 percent.
  • 1.5 percent discount applied to internet and mobile sales channels has been removed.
  • In business-based subscriptions, 5-10 thousand packages and full youth tariffs were removed and 15 thousand 5%, 20 thousand 10% and 30 thousand discounts were rearranged as 15%. In the boarding subscriptions based on economy, 5-10 ride packages were removed and 15 ride 15 percent, 20 ride 20 percent and 30 ride 25 percent were arranged over the full and young tariff.


  • YHT Business subscription packages that are valid for monthly subscriptions (50 percent discount), along with the full and young subscriptions on Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya, Konya-Eskişehir, Polatlı-Eskişehir and Polatlı-Konya routes that are applied and charged permanently, are valid for all courses. new subscription packages with a 25 percent discount will be implemented.
  • Along with the subscription packages (50 percent discount) valid for monthly subscriptions in YHT economy wagons, Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya, Konya-Eskişehir, Polatlı-Eskişehir and the packages that are applied and fixedly charged are removed on the Polatlı-Konya trails, and 25 percent are valid on all tracks, 50 percent discount subscription packages will be implemented. The current practice will continue on the outline trains.
  • Within the scope of international agreements, discounts applied to personnel working in foreign railway administrations and their families, passengers coming to our country with the Balkan flex pass and interrail organization will be provided with their travels by making their definitions on the EYBİS card module at our booths. Those in the 1st position will travel in business class, and those with the 2nd position will travel in economy class.

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