Domestic Cars Will Make Your Life Easier By Communicating With Smart Devices

domestic cars will make your life easier by communicating with smart devices
domestic cars will make your life easier by communicating with smart devices

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) details of the new project conducted by the domestic automakers continue to go Orty. A new video about how TOGG's most curious feature from social media account works has been published.

The statement said, "With the continuous connection # türkiyeninotomobil of technology, communicating with smart devices to make your life easier and will give you a new living space." statements took place.

  • We define as the ecosystem that smart devices interact with each other and generate a value.
  • With the widespread use of Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, smart televisions, smart white goods and even smart networks, the smart living ecosystem in our environment is also expanding.
  • We position our cars as the conductor at the center of this newly formed network.
  • So far, the internet while in the car Cars Turkey will be sustained in the internet.
  • In this way, it will be in constant communication with all devices and systems that can connect to the Internet.
  • Moreover, when establishing this connection, it will not matter who the providers of the devices or systems in question are or what their brand is.
  • It will allow you to control every device or system that can connect to the internet remotely, that is, from your car.
  • This system, which will also assist you, will learn your behavior and needs and will present you smart scenarios accordingly.
  • When leaving your house, 'Did the kettle remain on? Did I turn off the light of the bathroom? Did I turn off the TV? ' Question marks like will not tamper with you.
  • Because your vehicle will learn this information, and after a while, when you get in your car and go on the road, it will ask you: 'Nobody at home, do you want me to check the home appliances and start the departure scenario?'
  • He will have set up a home leave scenario for you and will shut down everything that should not be working at home behind you at that moment.
  • This example is just one of the possible scenarios.
  • You will be able to create scenarios for your car as well as create scenarios for you.

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