What is Metrobus?

what is metrobus
what is metrobus

Metrobus is a public transportation vehicle created by the combination of the metro and the bus. It works on the strips reserved for it with rubber wheels.

As it has a special strip, it can move quickly in traffic. Metrobuses have some important characteristics compared to preferential routes. These

  • Distance between stops is longer than other bus systems.
  • Stops are prepaid. In other words, the passenger makes a payment when entering the station. This way the bus is waiting for payment is prevented.
  • There is usually a single line running on the Metrobus roads.
  • Passengers get off and go through all the doors.
  • The stop platform and bus entrance heights are the same and there is no exit to the staircase in order to make the landing boardings easily and not to lose time.
  • The vehicle used is higher than the passenger capacity.
  • It is not correct to use double-deck or low capacity vehicles in these lines.

Due to these features, the number of passengers using the system is higher than other bus systems. Journeys are faster.

Vehicles are more comfortable than standard buses, more comfortable and much faster because there is no traffic problem.

The cost of infrastructure of the BRT system is widely used in many developed countries because it is much cheaper than metro and similar public transportation systems. Especially in the transportation of metro lines and close distance transportation, many developed world subways benefit from metrobuses. In some countries, advanced metrobus transport networks are available.

Bus models used in the Metrobus line have certain standards. Single-storey (for ease of passenger evacuation), with at least one bellows (for higher passenger capacity), with automatic transmission (to be compatible with stop-and-go system), with disabled entry-exit system. In some countries the BRTs are without drivers.

Map of Istanbul Metrobus

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