Visually Impaired Students Spent An Unforgettable Day in Kartepe

visually impaired students enjoyed the abdomen
visually impaired students enjoyed the abdomen

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Health and Social Services, Disabled and Elderly Services Branch Directorate held a meaningful activity for visually impaired children. In this context, the visually impaired special education class students at Darıca Barış Primary School had an unforgettable day in Kartepe with their teachers and their families. Children who went to Kartepe for the first time in their lives had a pleasant day playing snowballs.


For the visually impaired children, Müge Deniz, staff of the Department of Disabled Services Branch, made a voice description. The characteristics of the area they were in were explained to children by voice description technique. After describing the contents and shapes of objects, such as trees, snow, skies and skies around them, he played snowballs with the children. Curious students took snowballs in their hands and threw them into the air randomly.

I touched the land for the first time

Dila Nariye İnal; "I am 10 years old. I'm going to Darica's Eyesight class. I came to Kartepe for the first time in my life. When I touched the land, it was as if you were taking water, but the water was ice cold. Sliding in the snow is like going on a high-speed train. ”


Stating that the students were educated on different topics within the scope of social responsibility project, Principal Metin Demirci said, “We have a visually impaired class in our school. There are 9 students in this class. These students aim to take all necessary measures in their teaching lives and make their lives easier. We came to Kartepe with our students with this activity we had with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. We would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for providing such an opportunity to our students. ”

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