Van Iskele Coastal Road Transformed into a Railway

The entire van pier coastal road is converted to the railway
The entire van pier coastal road is converted to the railway

The entire İskele coastal road, which is located in İskele District of Tusba District, one of the symbols of Van, is converted into a railroad.

The entire İskele coastal road, which is located in İskele District of Tusba District, one of the symbols of Van, is converted into a railway. Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Governor and Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, said, “During the meetings we held with the Malatya State Railways Regional Directorate, it was informed that the entire area with the İskele coastal road and park will be transformed into a railway. "The area where we will park and walk will not be left here," he said.

Vansesi Newspaper'From according to Burhan Ergin news, dismantled last year trees, benches, sheds businesses by removing dozers with excavation work done and causing reactions Pier coastal road and park to re waiting for the people of Van to the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the Regional Directorate sad news came. He explained that the railways will lay rails on the old coastal road and parking area, so there will be no area to rebuild.

“We will push the legal ways”

One of the important excursions and recreation areas where Van people meet with Van Lake, Van Castle, Erek Mountain, and the İskele coastal road, where they watch the beauty of the lake accompanied by the blue of Van Lake, will remain in memories. Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who announced the latest developments regarding the conversion of the coastal road and the park area to the railway, said that the former coastal road and the park area remained within the left rail area of ​​the Ferry Pier connected to the TCDD Train Station in the project prepared by TCDD. He said that the tender will be held on Thursday, January 23, 2020 (today). Governor Bilmez said, “As Metropolitan Municipality, we want to implement our coastal road and recreation area project for our citizens in Iskele as before, but there is no suitable space left in this place, which is reserved for rails and owned by TCDD, but we will force legal ways.”

“The left rails will be the old walkway that collapses on the beach”

Stating that they want to build a coastal road and a park in Iskele as the Metropolitan Municipality, Governor Bilmez said, “I had a meeting with the officials of Malatya State Railways Regional Directorate regarding the Iskele coastal road and the park, where Van public is sensitive. As Metropolitan Municipality, I conveyed to them that we want to rebuild the park and coastal road. In order to increase the rail transportation over Van Lake, they have made 300 million expansion work in Tatvan Port. Besides, 160 million euros, with a capacity of 4 thousand tons of Turkey's largest two major ferry made. According to the new ferries, the dock ramps in Iskele in Van and 4 new railroad-related railroads have been tendered before and the right rail laying has been completed last year. However, they could not do the left rail work. Because the operators who rented a place to use as a cafe from the railway in İskele, the institution canceled the tender when the work stopped due to their lawsuits. The contract period for cafe tenants has expired this year. The construction of the left rail route will also be put out to tender again on Thursday, January 23, 2020 (today). In the project, Iskele was given the right way, but they reset from the left to the beach. The left rails cover the old walkway and park on the shore. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we had a plan to reconstruct the old coastal walking path and park, but unfortunately we cannot, as there is no room left. TCDD officials said that after laying the right and left rails, they will fence this area for security. ”

“Walking path in İskele, there is no space to park”

According to the State Railways Regional Directorate project, Governor Bilmez noted that the entire İskele coast will turn into a railroad area. “A protocol has been previously signed between the State Railways Regional Directorate and Tusba Municipality. Instead of the İskele coastal park and road, the July 15 Martyrs Park has been replaced by Tusba Municipality. When the track laying work, which is a 6 million exploration summary, is completed, the entire İskele coast will be transformed into a rail area. Unfortunately, there will be no other places to visit in this area as before. However, after the completion of these works, if the municipality does a project and legal ground is provided, maybe a beach can be created by filling. We will work to reveal the park and coastal road desired by the people of Van, but according to the current project, there is no area in Iskele where we will park the walking path. The area covered by the left lane railway will go up to Yaşar Kemal Park. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we had a request that we would like to make arrangements there if the railway is out of need, but unfortunately they said that the entire area will be transformed into a railway. ”

“We will make the necessary explanation to Van people and the public”

Stating that after the tender, the entire project will be re-examined and announced to the public, Governor Bilmez said, “We had a request from the Malatya State Railways Regional Directorate. We said leave it at least two or three meters towards the lake for us to consider as a walking path. We, as the municipality, make the area green for our people to visit and rest, leaving benches and make a walking and resting area. When we look at the current project, they reset the area. We did not discuss and discuss while the project was underway, we started discussing after the tender ended. We did not receive any opinion while the project was underway, but I know that it was being discussed with Tusba Municipality. We will investigate the legal ways of the issue. After finding the legal ground, we want to make a way for our people to walk there as before. We will make the necessary explanations to our people and the public by looking at the whole project. ”

TCDD officials announced to Vansesi

TCDD officials, who were interviewed by the Vansesi Newspaper in order not to demolish the pier road and park with dozers, said in the statement to the newspaper: “Within the scope of the project, there will be two-floor modern waiting lounges to serve the passengers. This project was tendered by our general directorate in 2011 with the construction of ferries. Contractor ÖZATA Shipyard firm started to work on pier, dock renewal and filling of 4 new railroad-connected railways. Van Metropolitan Municipality Park and Gardens Directorate also carried the trees in the project area to evaluate them by removing the benches. The municipality can make better new parking arrangements in the same place after the project is over. We have become a courtroom with the owners of sheds that create an ugly look on the beach, which we removed by terminating their contracts due to work. With the project, İskele beach will have a more beautiful view. All the authorities have knowledge of the project, the work that started.

What did the politicians say?

Politicians of the period stated that upon the claims of the Wharf coast will be closed to the public, the public did not worry, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure had taken steps to increase commercial relations with Iran, that the work done in the Wharf consisted of this, the coast would not be closed, but would be expanded and beautified.

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