TÜVASAŞ 20 Continuous Recruitment Oral Examination Announcement

tuvasas continuous worker procurement oral exam announcement
tuvasas continuous worker procurement oral exam announcement

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) 20 Continuous recruiting workers for a notary draw results from applicants eligible to take the oral exam by the candidates and priority documents in noble list kazanmoment and kazanThe list of unsuccessful candidates is entitled to take the Oral exam. kazanThe announcement regarding the candidates on the reserve list to be called instead of the unsuccessful candidates is given below.

18.12.2019 to be employed within our Institution, within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in the Recruitment of Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations. An announcement was made through the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) for the recruitment of 23.12.2019 (twenty) workers between 20 and a lottery was drawn in the presence of a notary public on 30/12/2019 for the professions specified in the announcement. As a result of drawing lots, the right to take the oral exam kazanThe current candidates were determined as principal and alternate and were published on the Institution's website on 31/12/2019.

As a result of the drawing of lots, the documents of the candidates included in the original lists were submitted at the end of the working hours on 03/01/2020. The right to take the oral exam as a result of the document examinations made by the exam board. kazanCandidates who do not meet the necessary conditions and those who do not have the right to take the exam because they do not submit documents. kazanThe list of those who could not have been published on Friday, 17/01/2020 (today) is attached.

4 (four) times of the vacant positions announced in the profession subject to the draw will be taken to the oral exam. However, as a result of document control made by our Institution; For those who do not meet the application requirements and do not submit documents, the candidates who are less than 4 (four) times of the declared vacant staff, who are less than XNUMX (four) times of the declared vacant positions, are reduced by starting from the candidate in the first line of the reserve list. A number of candidates will be taken to the oral exam. In this way, a document check will be made by our Institution before the exam for the identification of substitute candidates to be taken to the oral exam.

Reserve candidate lists and requested documents are available on the Interet page of our Institution (www.tuvasas.gov.t is) It is included in the announcement in the News section, dated 31/12/2019, titled 20 Permanent Recruitment Results and Documents Required. The right to take the oral exam from the reserve lists kazanJobs and procedures related to the determination of the candidates and the oral exam will be carried out according to the schedule below. This announcement is in the nature of notification and no separate notification will be made to individuals.

Right to Take the Oral Exam with Announcement Kazanmoment and Kazanfor the Candidate List CLICK HERE

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