Turkey-Russia Inter-Shipping Our Work Continues

Belarus transportation between our studies turkey continues
Belarus transportation between our studies turkey continues

Continuing its extensive studies in the field of international transportation since the first day it stepped into the sector, our company, Arındır Lojistik, has accomplished successful works in the Russian line as well as in all European and Asian countries. Our company, which carries out shipments in accordance with the road freight transportation regulation, uses cmr insurance in all transports in order to deliver the transported products safely and healthily to the delivery point.

Our company uses high model vehicles that operate under the control of experienced drivers in the transportation of all kinds of cargo with a commercial content not exceeding 22 tons in the transportation of Russia by land and seaway. Transport companies in Russia In connection with the company, it is able to carry out both export, import and even third-party transportation.

Our partial transportation works that we serve by making departures on certain days of the week are carried out with exits from our Istanbul warehouses. Russia deliveries of the cargoes within the scope of partial or cargo in terms of dimensions and weights are generally made in the form of Moscow customs delivery. Our partial vehicles, which are transferred to our trucks from our warehouses and then proceed to export operations at Istanbul customs, continue with the highway over Georgia or the route over Ukraine and reach their destination within an average of 5-6 days.

As Arındır Lojistik, we have been working for many years. Shipping to russia We carry out vehicle organizations in all areas such as heavy oversized transportation, frigo truck transportation, container transportation and partial transportation in our line, and we also conduct regular works in areas such as customs clearance, storage, port services and Russian agency services in line with customer requests. Our vehicles, which carry out export transportation to Russia, are also effective in returning many products such as machinery, raw materials and forest products imported to our country.

Beginning with Moscow, from the north to the south, from east to west, all the cities and autonomous regions of Russia, Arındırım Logistics, which organizes cargo transportation within the scope of export and import within the scope of export and import, is the process that starts with the positive response of all experienced demands and the conditions of suitable transportation and It starts with freight offers and results in reaching delivery points in a healthy way.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Iran Transportation Companies

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