Turkish Transportation-Sen urged Sivas residents to claim TUDEMSAŞ

turk ulasim has called you out to have tudemsasa
turk ulasim has called you out to have tudemsasa

Ilker Celikus, Chairman of Turk Ulas-Sen Branch, who brought the allegations that TÜDEMSAS will be merged with TULOMSAS and TUVASAS, said: We invite all Sivas residents to claim bread doors against the desire to be merged with other subsidiaries of TÜDEMSAŞ. ”

27.10.2018 date and 30578 256 Official Gazette No. 2019 No. including the Annual Program XNUMX President reminded that issued Presidential Decision Çelikus, "published ruling, 'the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) The contractor is a subsidiary of General Directorate, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ; will be restructured to meet market expectations as a result of legal regulations in the railway sector ´. In the same decision, it is stated that ÜL TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ will be gathered under a single roof to meet market expectations, idle production capacities will be used more effectively through organizational collaborations and domestic production capacity will be improved ´. In line with this recently published decision, we have heard that the work at the Ministry level has been accelerated. ”

TCDD subsidiary of TÜDEMSAŞ (Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc.) steam locomotive and under Sivas Traction Workshop name with the aim of making the repair of freight cars reminiscent founded in 1939 Çelikus, "Railway transport in parallel with the development of freight cars in 1953 production In 1975, the name was changed to SIDEMAS in 1986 as TUDEMSAS. TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate, which consists of 400 factories and 3 departments and has an area of ​​10 thousand square meters, is a gate of income for those living in Sivas and Sivas, and has a great importance in the economy of Sivas. The merger of this eminent organization with other subsidiaries, the closure of the General Directorate, the shrinkage of TÜDEMSAŞ, loss of function and decrease in business volume will result in a decrease in business efficiency. ”

Mayor Çelikus continued the following statement: TÜ TÜDEMSAŞ aims to contribute to the national economy by producing world-class wagons in accordance with the developing technology and in accordance with the developing technology and to change the structure of TÜDEMSAŞ to meet the market expectations. the abolition of the title of the General Directorate of this organization, TÜDEMSAŞ will result in a decrease in investments to be made in Sivas, as well as the bread and bread employees of Sivas employees, especially here, thanks to Sivas's economy, trades, therefore, all citizens living in Sivas It is an indisputable fact that employment will decrease and cause unemployment to increase. For these reasons, we, as Türk Ulasim-Sen, demand to make the necessary investments to TUDEMSAS, to increase the business volume, to improve the domestic production capacity and to become an organization that has a say in its own market, by abandoning its application under a single roof which was previously unsuccessful. . In this context, we invite all Sivasites to support the gates of bread against the desire of TÜDEMSAŞ to be merged with other subsidiaries. ”(in Sivasira)

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