The Number of Green Buildings to Increase with the Domestic Green Certificate System YeS-TR

the number of green buildings will increase with domestic green certification system yes tr
the number of green buildings will increase with domestic green certification system yes tr

Turkey at the national and local levels of energy efficiency, will be developed for the dissemination of environmentally friendly buildings and settlement practices local National Green Certification Scheme (YES-Tor is) completed, the certificate will be given certificates to buildings and settlements by the competent authorities.

The reasons such as global warming and climate change, decrease in water resources, environmental pollution and rapid consumption of natural resources make it necessary to build green buildings in the building sector.

Within the scope of sustainable development, since 1990, various green building certifications have been created to support the construction of buildings that consume less energy, use less natural resources and pollute the environment in many countries, especially in developed countries.

In this context, the protocol for the development of a “National Evaluation Guide” between the Ministry and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) on February 26, 2016 in order to evaluate and certify buildings and settlements that comply with climate data and the region, consume as much energy and water as they need, and use renewable energy sources. He was signed.

Then the structure of evaluating the framework until the life cycle of destruction from land selection, in harmony with nature, sustainable and unique to Turkey in 2018. In order to extend the building of applications using the geographical features of the location of "building" and "settlement" in the framework of the main categories "Certificate System Guide" was prepared .


Within the framework of the guideline, the works were initiated by creating the National Green Certificate System (YeS-TR) software infrastructure on November 8, 2019.

After the software, whose work is ongoing and planned to be completed in the third quarter of this year, the Ministry will be given training to the relevant organizations and authorizations will be made.

Following authorizations, YeS-TR is planned to serve in the first quarter of 2021.

In the system, which is based on volunteerism and will not be obliged by the administrations, it is aimed to establish certificates with “degree”, “good”, “very good” and “national superiority” certificate degrees for sustainable green buildings and green settlements.


recently came forward within the scope of the concepts of green building uses 37 percent of the final energy consumption and greenhouse gas sustainability in the building sector responsible for 30 percent in Turkey.

yes-TR, thanks to national and local levels of energy efficiency, the promotion of environmentally-friendly building practices, promotion of renewable energy technologies, brand unique to Turkey by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that is sustainable green building will ensure the creation of the certification system.

With the spread of green building certificates from abroad, there was confusion regarding the validity of the certificates and high sums were paid abroad for these programs.

Thanks to YeS-TR, which was developed to prevent these, it is aimed to provide more valid certification systems and to decrease the higher certificate fees paid abroad.


The building will apply to the evaluation agency authorized by the Ministry through the Green Certificate Specialist to obtain the green certificate from the settlement owner or its representatives.

The evaluation institution will also make a score on the building or settlement evaluated in accordance with the “National Evaluation Guide” through the experts within its body (each expert will evaluate with its own specialty). The organization will establish a transaction based on the Green Certificate Rating score.

Since all these transactions will be carried out through YeS-TR, both the inventory of buildings with green building features will be kept by the Ministry and the transactions and records made from the system can be examined when there is any complaint.

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