Tekira Junction Smart Junction System Solves Traffic Density

Tekira intersection solves traffic density with the smart intersection system
Tekira intersection solves traffic density with the smart intersection system

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Informatics and Smart City Technologies Inc. As a result of the project that it carried out in partnership with (İSBAK), the Tekira Interchange Smart Junction System, which was put into practice, largely resolved the traffic density in the Government Avenue and Köprübaşı location.

With the signalized intersection setup and traffic arrangement at the Tekira Junction in Süleymanpaşa district, citizens were allowed to cross the road more safely and traffic density was reduced by regulating vehicle traffic.

President Kadir Albayrak: “Traffic Set Up Will Be Reduced With The Settlement Of The System”

Stating that the arrangement is extremely beneficial, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Albayrak said, “We continue to implement our human-oriented projects for the solution of problems. Both the vehicle and pedestrian traffic have been taken under control with the smart junction system we have implemented at Tekira junction. With this application, transportation can be provided from Cumhuriyet Square to our Municipality building in a short time. We get extremely positive feedback from our citizens. With the settlement of the system, the traffic density will decrease further. Good luck to our citizens. ”

The Cause Of Traffic Density In Köprübaşı Location In The Past Faulty Reconstruction Applications

Stating that the wrong zoning practices in the past caused traffic problems in the district center, President Kadir Albayrak said, “As it is known, our district of Süleymanpaşa has experienced a great urban growth due to population growth. Traffic density is experienced due to the narrow and physical conditions of the roads in the old settlements in the district center. The most important reason for the traffic density in Köprübaşı is to establish a marketplace in the region in the 90s and to allow Tekirdağ Municipality to build a large shopping center during the 2004-2009 service period. While the population of our Süleymanpaşa district is increasing, the projection of the future has not been observed and incorrect applications have been made. ”

Alternative Ways to Permanent Solution

Stating that they are working to bring a permanent solution to the traffic problem, which originated decades ago, with a human-oriented approach, President Kadir Albayrak said, “The new junction arrangement we have made has great benefits in relieving the traffic in the region. Our basic strategy for a more effective and permanent solution is to direct vehicles to different routes by making alternative routes. We are continuing our expropriation efforts regarding a connection that we plan to make between Köprübaşı Mevki and Çevre Yolu. From Hürriyet and Gündoğdu neighborhoods to Muratlı Caddesi; We continue our work on Soğancılar Caddesi, a new road that will provide transportation to the bazaar and play an important role in the connections to the Ring Road. When our alternative road works are completed, there will be great relief in the city traffic. ”

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