TCDD Claim to Privatize Passenger Transportation

tcdd will transfer passenger transport services to private sector
tcdd will transfer passenger transport services to private sector

When it comes to bridges, roads, harbors, factories, now the railroad is now in sales. For the first time in the history of the Republic, TCDD is preparing to transfer the passenger transport service to the private sector

For the first time in the history of the Republic, TCDD is preparing to transfer its passenger transport services to the private sector.

One dayAccording to the draft regulation prepared by the General Directorate of Railway Regulation reached by Burcu Cansu, the tender and passenger transport will be given to the private sector. According to the draft regulation, 20 percent of the estimated cost amount will be paid to the company receiving the tender on the grounds that it fulfills its public obligation. The tender company will be able to increase and decrease the time by making changes on the contract.

General Directorate of Railway Regulation, 'Railway passenger transportation of civil service obligations with the selection, regulation of public service contracts, implementation and inspection procedures and principles prepared by the draft' regulation.

The draft of all infrastructure services to be provided by TCDD stated the following:

  • Police 'suspects' can not participate: they find tenders, all tenderers can offer 'open tenders', although there will be a final punishment about the terrorist organization, although they are not affiliated with or affiliated with the General Directorate of Security reported.
  • Tickets will be considered sold: A 'Valuation Commission' of at least three people will be established to determine the net cost of the public service obligation. This commission will determine the cost. At the estimated cost calculated for running a train when determining the cost, all tickets will be considered as sold.
  • 20 percent profit will be given for the public obligation: The tenderer will be given a reasonable profit rate of 20 percent of the estimated cost amounts for the public obligation.
  • The minimum wage to employ staff: Railway transport dangerous work and work places in the capacity, although the staff working on the train companies can be run by the minimum wage.
  • Subcontractor will be activated: If the trains included in the vehicle inventory offered by the tenderers to be operated within the scope of each line specified in the tender document are provided from third parties by leasing method, the rental costs to be concluded between the third parties and the tenderer shall be taken as basis in the rental contracts to be concluded for each railway vehicle.
  • Insurance payment after accident is suspected: When the accidents that may occur and the consequences of these accidents result in injury and death, it is left to whom the insurance expenses will be paid.
  • The number of staff is not specified: The number of staff will not be specified in the service provision and during the train service.
  • Those who do not meet the conditions can also participate in the tender: More than one railway train operator will be able to participate in the tender by forming a business partnership. However, it will not be considered whether all business partners have fulfilled their obligations to participate in the tender.
  • Number of flights can be changed: Daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly re-planning can be made during the period. If new lines and lines are added, the number of trips can be increased and decreased.
  • Companies will be given 30 percent advances: Provided that the contract stipulates that the public service obligation, 30 percent of the contract price will be given an advance payment in return of the letter of guarantee.


The United Transport Employees Union (BTS) affiliated to KESK, which examined the draft regulation, opposed privatization and objected to the determination of the business according to the demands of the sector, although the infrastructures were covered by the public budget.

In the proposals prepared by the BTS officials, the contract to observe the profit rate of companies, companies will be given an advance of 30 percent, the insurance of fatal accidents to be paid by who to leave suspicion, the minimum salary of staff was criticized to be determined.

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