TCDD Loss: 2 Billion 558 Million Lira Loss in One Year

tcdd billions loss in a year
tcdd billions loss in a year

On the 13rd of January 2018, a similar accident was returned at the Marshall Road Station, where the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) disaster took place in Ankara on December 9, 84, killing 3 people and injuring 2020 people. The locomotive and generator wagon of the Eastern Express train was derailed. No one was killed or injured by accident.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news of Hazal Ocak; "The Court of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has revealed that the audit report on the organization's almost sunk. The report, which stated that the project was prepared without sufficient infrastructure work in some investments of TCDD, which has lost 2018 million TL more than projected in 863, emphasized that the projects were completed 2 or 4 times longer than the targeted. In the report, which includes important findings regarding the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş line, which came to the fore with accidents, it is noted that the line was put into operation before the signaling works were completed.

The TCA completed the 2018 audit report of TCDD. The report presented to the TGNA contained striking findings. According to the report, TCDD, which plans to close 2018 with a loss of 1 billion 695 million pounds, has lost 2 billion 558 million pounds in a year. In other words, TCDD closed 2018 with almost 863 million pounds more damage than expected. According to the report, the budget of TCDD's subsidiaries has deviated by 307 percent more than planned. In other words, while the partnerships foresee a loss of 2018 million 222 thousand pounds in 337, the loss reached 907 million 79 thousand TL. It was found that 4 projects were completed in XNUMX times.

Ankara Sivas Fast Train Court of Accounts Report

In the report, important warnings were made regarding the Ankara Sivas high speed rail line. In the report, which included the determinations made in 2013 regarding the infrastructure construction construction of the line, Kırıkkale Yerköy, the project was prepared by the Ministry of Transport and was revised by TCDD by giving it to another company by tender. In the report, which emphasized that the project was prepared without sufficient ground drilling works, it was reminded that all works and procedures were examined by the Ministry of Transport and investigated if necessary, in order to ensure that necessary measures are taken to prevent such failures from recurring. It is stated that the investigation carried out by the Ministry of Transport continues.

In the report, TCDD General Directorate's 2018 investments amounted to 99.7 billion pounds and 7.5 billion pounds appropriation was allocated, 2019 investments amounted to 125.1 billion pounds and 3.9 billion pounds appropriation is scheduled to be specified in the project. In order to complete the projects within 2 or 4 times, it is expected to complete the projects within the framework of the Development Plan and the medium term program by signing the contract and signing the place, but in the projects where the appropriation cannot be allocated but the appropriations cannot be allocated. parts of the work should be carried out in a way that will not be adversely affected by external influences ”.


In the report, important determinations were made regarding the Reconstruction of Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş Line (Başkentray) Project. The Ankara-Sincan line should be completed in May 2017 and the Ankara-Kayaş line should be completed in August 2017, while the report emphasized that work was not carried out in accordance with the work schedule. Altyapı According to the contract, infrastructure, superstructure, infrastructure transfers, electrification, 450 days of extension is given in the period of completion, while the Ankara-Kayaş line should be completed within 820 days, 540 days of extension is given ”. The report stated that the line was opened to train management as of April 730, 12 and only night work was initiated. Erken It is not possible to complete the signaling works between Ankara and Sincan with 2018 hours of work at night da. The report stated that the works on the line should be completed by 3 December 31.


It is stated in the report that the land of 12 thousand 40 square meters, which is located in Mersin Port belonging to TCDD, but which is not within the scope of the port, has been used free of charge since 2007. The report emphasized that this land should be operated by TCDD and it was pointed out that the rent value should be calculated retrospectively and collected from the operating company. The report stressed that TCDD was unable to repay its loan debts and that there is an urgent solution to the debts that process interest and increase each year due to exchange rates.

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