Response from NGOs to Göcek Tunnel Toll

reaction from the NGO to the night tunnel fee
reaction from the NGO to the night tunnel fee

The recent hikes to the Göcek Tunnel, which has become an important problem in the region, caused the reaction of non-governmental organizations. Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO), TÜRSAB, Fethiye Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen (FESO), Fethiye Drivers Room, Fethiye Hoteliers Association (FETOB), who made a joint press release, asked that the last hikes of up to 50 percent be reduced to a reasonable level.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO), TÜRSAB, Fethiye Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen, Fethiye Drivers Room, Fethiye Hoteliers Association (FETOB) held a joint press conference on Friday, January 24. President of FTSO Osman Çıralı, Fethiye Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Mehmet Soydemir, Fethiye Chamber of Drivers Chairman Şaban Taşar, FETOB President Bülent Uysal attended the press conference on behalf of the NGOs, and TÜRSAB President Özgen Uysal made a joint statement.

NGOs noted that the joint statement of the captured 172 of the 171 free highway tunnel in Turkey as follows:

“The only paid tunnel in our country is the Göcek Tunnel. The tunnel, which was opened in 2006 and has a total length of 960 meters, is operated by a private company with a build-operate-transfer model for 25 years. There have been 30% to 50% hike rates for the tunnel's tolls. After the last hikes, passenger cars were obliged to pass by paying 18 TL and minibuses 30 TL two-way pass. These wages are far above inflation. Besides, it is not right to raise 30% to some vehicles and 50% to some vehicles.

In an environment where a 15% hike is made even for the minimum wage, it is unacceptable for a private company to make a 50% hike, causing justified reactions in our region. A citizen who travels to and from Dalaman to Fethiye every day with the latest hikes has to pay a total of 540 lira tunnel fee per month. You have commercial vehicles, you think.

For those who do not want to use the tunnel by finding the toll high, there are insufficient direction signs for the old road, which is an alternative route, and it causes those who do not know the region to enter the toll road directly.

On the other hand, drivers using the mountain road called the “old road” are also faced with a dangerous road. This narrow and curved road, which is not a divided road, is very dangerous as it does not have protection barriers despite the lack of lighting, cliffs and low shoulders. On the neglected road with insufficient road lines and traffic signs; The rock pieces falling on the road in rainy and windy weather also increase the danger.

Our country, which has a unique geography with its history, nature and cultural structure, is the 6th country that receives the most tourists in the world. Approximately 2019 million foreign tourists visited our country in 45. Most of the tourists coming to our country are hosted in our region.

These high-rate hikes at this point affect all sectors that earn income from tourism, especially the travel agencies that transfers our guests coming through Dalaman Airport to our region.

Although the sector actors make an effort to avoid reflecting the hikes to the tourists, we present to the public's discretion how long the operators, whose costs increase in every sense, can withstand this.

industry representatives, works to bring more tourists to our country each year, is Turkey's request to reconsider the regulation of fees paid single tunnel.

We wish our President to listen to our voices and hope that he will guide us in this important matter.

If we summarize our demands as Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Maritime Trade, TURSAB, Fethiye Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen, Fethiye Chamber of Craftsmen, representing our members who work with sacrifice for the development of tourism;

  • Recent hikes to the tunnel should be brought to reasonable levels immediately.
  • For those who want to choose the mountain road, which is an alternative to the toll, the road signs of the crossroad should be more visible and arranged to attract the attention of the driver.
  • For those who do not want to use the toll, the mountain road should be maintained as well as modern and reliable like our other main roads. ”

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