Shift2Rail Info Day Event Held

shiftrail information day event organized
shiftrail information day event organized

An information day event was held at Ankara TÜBİTAK Presidential Building on 2 for the 2 calls of Shift2020Rail Joint Venture (S22.01.2020R JU). On behalf of our organization, TCDD Deputy General Manager Bilal Nailçı, TÜBİTAK Vice President Dr. At the Shift2Rail Joint Venture, organized with the participation of Orkun Hasekioğlu, Director of Shift2Rail Joint Venture Carlo M. Borghini and many officials, and being the largest scale R&D and Innovation program in railway transportation research in Europe, participants were informed about the 2020 call topics and application conditions.

In his speech, TCDD Deputy General Manager Bilal Nailçı; “As TCDD, we aim to be a pioneer and guide in the field of regional activity in these international organizations where the improvement of the current state of Railway Technologies and the R&D activities are coordinated. In line with the needs and requirements of the era, we organize workshops with other railway stakeholders and produce innovative solutions in the railway sector.

, The world's largest civilian R & D approach in the European Union 7th Framework Program, Turkey projects taking place in 1213, received the support of 196 million euros. Our Organization, which carried out 7 of these projects, provided approximately 502 thousand Euros from the European Union.

Also 7 taking place Framework Program of the European Union programs that support the R & D and innovation projects in the sequel Horizons also in 2020. TCDD in 5 projects with a contribution of about 287 thousand Euros for the European Union's share in Turkey's total project was 2.20%,. "He said.

Nailçı said, “With the launch of the Horizon 2020 Program in 2014, our Association, which is the only accepted member of this initiative, is actively continuing its activities, with the direction of the Railway works in Europe by the Shift2Rail Initiative. We are starting 1 more Shift2Rail project on railway infrastructure this year.

We are working to realize our very important infrastructure R&D projects such as the development of infrastructure components within the scope of the Horizon 2020 Program Projects, optimization studies on vibration and noise, development activities on cruise safety, and the national signaling work we have carried out with the university and TÜBİTAK. ”

Rail Technologies Transportation Institute

“As a result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we established the Rail Technologies Transportation Institute in cooperation with TÜBİTAK and our Organization.

TCDD carries out its research and development activities with long-term plans and in innovative works that will cover future technology. Intelligent, autonomous, digitalized, environmentally friendly, light material technologies are the focus of these activities.

As railway stakeholders, we started to work on producing domestic high-speed train technology. Our work continues not only in vehicle technologies, but also for the art structures, stations, infrastructure and superstructure elements that make up the railway.

It is at the center of our vision to meet technological developments under the dynamic structure and meet technological developments, which can meet the requirements of the age, which can maintain a reliable identity in the eyes of customers.

We care about the transfer of technological breakthroughs and knowledge in other sectors to the railway sector. With the introduction of high-tech products such as national cars and unmanned aerial vehicles at this breakthrough in our country, high-speed trains, autonomous trains, maglev trains, smart stations, and environmentally sensitive applications are among our projects we will realize in the coming period.

shift2rail 2 Entity in addition to our direct to projects of all organizations operating in the railway sector in Turkey or to be included in an indirect way, our country will have a very important and positive results for the railway sector. "he said.

In his speech at Carlo M. Borghini, Director of Shift2Rail Joint Venture, Shift2Rail gave information about the topics of 2020 and gave information. Accordingly, IP1- high-capacity and fast economic and reliable trains, IP2- advanced traffic management and control systems, IP3- economic, sustainable and safe high-capacity infrastructure, IP4- information technologies for interesting railway services, IP5- sustainable and attractive Technologies for European freight transport.

In his speech, Borghini shared the basics of the structure of the Shift2Rail-2 program and stated that they expect TCDD and other railway organizations and universities to play more roles. He stated that within the scope of Shift2Rail-2 program, which is the continuation of Shift2Rail, researches on smart, autonomous, environmentally friendly and mitigated material technologies and digitalization issues will be supported.

The importance of working together in the realization of key importance, and interaction in the international railway sector for Turkey's EU Railways was emphasized. With future technologies, it is aimed that rail transport can be operated autonomously and across borders without any problems, therefore all stakeholders work together and develop technologies together.

Due to the high participation in the information day and the interest of the railway sector stakeholders, it was decided to make a new organization with TCDD and Shift2Rail in April.

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, who attended the dinner after the event, was evaluated with ASELSAN Transport and Energy Sector Director Günay Şimşek and other delegations.

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