Cengiz Construction to Build 2.7 Billion TL Railway in Croatia

Cengiz Construction to Build 2.7 Billion TL Railway in Croatia

Cengiz Construction to Build 2.7 Billion TL Railway in Croatia

"Cengiz will build a 2.7 billion lira railway in Croatia" in his column, Kerim Ülker, one of the columnists of Dünya newspaper. He included his article titled. Here are the details of the article;

Political troubles with Gulf countries and ongoing internal turmoil in North Africa are leading Turkish contractors to new searches. Turkish contractors, who increased their presence in Central Asia with the ongoing economic recession in Russia, turned their eyes to European countries with the contraction of the domestic market. Cengiz Holding is the most noteworthy Turkish contractor in the middle and eastern parts of Europe. Cengiz Construction, led by businessman Mehmet Cengiz, who is moving from Slovenia to Montenegro, from Bulgaria to Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially to the former Eastern Bloc countries, will deliver the 5C Corridor Motorway in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which he started last year, in 2021. Elin Pelin-Kostenets Railway Line in Bulgaria will also complete its work in 2025.


Cengiz is adding a new one to the railway projects in Europe, which he started with Bulgaria. In the news announced by Dünya Newspaper for the first time last year, 10 companies and consortiums bid on Croatia's most important railway project, and two Turkish companies; We wrote that Yapı Merkezi and Cengiz were competing. That tender process has been completed and Cengiz has completed the project. kazanmoment became a party. Cengiz İnşaat will renew the 42.6-kilometer railway stretching from Krizevci-Koprivnica in Croatia to the Hungarian border. The project, which will be suitable for trains that will travel at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, will also include a new track. Cengiz İnşaat will complete the project, which will be completed in 48 months, for 400 million euros, that is, approximately 2.7 billion liras at today's exchange rate. Cengiz İnşaat will start the project construction in the first spring of 2020.


The project extending to Krizevci-Koprivnica-Hungary Border was showcased in July 2019 and received 10 different proposals. Buildings from Turkey between bidders Project Center Construction and Slovenia Kolektor Kolinger, a consortium of Spain's Comsa and Generale Costruzioni Ferroviaria partnership, Austria's Strabag, Chinese companies Tiesij and was among the notable Engineering Group, China Railway Electrification. In addition, Croatia's Div Grupa, Slovak TSS GRADE and Greek Avax were among the leading companies in the tender process.

Ankara-Izmir in Turkey Fast Train Esme-Salihli Cutting, Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma Railway, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train T26 Tunnel, Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport Metro, Palma-Genç-Muş Railway, Gebze-Halkalı Suburban Railway Line Improvement, Ankara-Sivas Railway Project, such as signing Cengiz Construction, in a sense, the experience gained in the domestic market with Bulgaria and Croatia has moved out.

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